British Rose Veal

Our British Rosé Veal is, quite literally, a by-product of the UK Dairy Industry. Each Friesian-Holstein cow that produces a calf in order to give us milk, will stand a 50% chance of producing a bull calf which is sadly unwanted, as it is of little or no value to the farmer. Bull calves have historically been destroyed in the first few days of being born.

We have been working with farmers since early 2003 to help promote Rosé Veal to our customers as a fabulous, tender and tasty meat and therefore give the calf a chance at life (longer than the average chicken or lamb) and give the farmer a good return to help boost his milk profits. Our calves are 8 to 12 months in age so are still classed as Veal. These are collected and reared on farms in Shropshire and Staffordshire.

They are reared on straw, which they naturally use to ruminate, and given a cereal ration to supplement their diet, which means that the meat is a pink colour, not the pale, insipid milk-fed veal which may be familiar to those of you who have travelled on the Continent.

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