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Fantastic News!!!  We've picked up a total of SIX Gold Stars in the Guild of Fine Foods' Great Taste Awards 2018!


Our Mangalitza Gammon and our Dry Aged Welsh Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steaks both picked up Two Gold Stars each and our Welsh Wagyu Biltong in Chimmichurri and Chipotle won one Star each, giving us a full set now!!  To celebrate - we are offering FREE Carriage on orders over £75 in value for the month of August!   Don't miss out !




Goosnargh Ducks are now well and truly here!  And flying off the shelves as people realise the quality of these lovely birds!  The family have farmed at Swainson House in the picturesque Lancastrian village of Goosnargh on the edge of the Ribble Valley, since the 1960's.   When the iconic Reg Johnson and his step-brother Bud Swarbrick joined forces in 1985, their innovative approach growing and mixing grain from their own farmland produced astonishing results, and they soon gained a reputation for being the leading suppliers of corn-fed poultry to some of the finest chefs around the country.






Biltong Fans!!   

Click here to try Four Fantastic Flavours of

Welsh Wagyu Beef Biltong! 











We've done it again! 


This time we entered the remaining two flavours of Wagyu Biltong, Chimichurri and Chipotle, into the Great Taste Awards 2018 and each has been given a Gold Star !!


Now we have a "full set" - every one of our Wagyu Biltong favours has been Awarded Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards!! 





The sun is still shining - so let's make the most and enjoy al fresco eating !  Our lovely 100% Welsh Wagyu Burgers make a real feast for the barbeque and really are on a different level - and for a real taste sensation you just have to try our NEW Mangalitza Burger !! 


Why not use one of the lovely SpiceNTice Rubs on your steaks to ring the changes for your BBQ - when it comes to good ideas, here at Alternative Meats the sky is the limit !








Wagyu Cattle were originally bred in Japan, and are renowned for producing beef of a superior eating quality - if you like, Wagyu is the Rolls Royce or Dom Perignon of the Beef world.   The unique taste and unctuous, buttery texture are due to the marbling of fat within the meat, fat which will begin to melt at room temperature.   It is also magically low in mono-unsaturates, which means you can relax and enjoy it without worrying about your health!

Our Welsh Wagyu cattle are reared by the forward-thinking Ifor Humphreys in Montgomeryshire, where they graze on the clover rich pastures of his family farm.   They are finished on grass or hay and a blended grain ration grown on the neighbourhood farm, and Ifor also gives them a daily pint of locally brewed Monty's Beer and a little massage, echoing the traditions followed by farmers from Kobe, in Japan, who made Kobe Beef famous.