Welsh Wagyu Beef and Salopian Ale Pie Min. 250g



We have finally found a wonderful artisan pie maker to make our Wagyu Beef Pies only a short distance from our Butchery.
100% dry aged Wagyu chuck and shin with local beer from the Salopian Brewery called Darwin’s Origin brimming with a delicious rich, tender filling encased in fine crisp short crust pastry.
We are thrilled with the result and have sent them to many of our Chefs who have loved them especially Gareth from Ynyshir who described them as ‘Unbelievable’ and Matt from Number One at The Balmoral describing them as ‘one of the best quality pies he has tasted’.

Get yours today and see if you agree with the judges comments below  ……..



Judges comments:

This is a generous and neat pie, with golden, crisp pastry. It is very well filled. The pastry is thin, no soggy bottom. The mushrooms had bite, more please! The ale really comes through in the sauce creating a depth and maturity. The large pieces of meat are moist and tender. The pastry is flaky but still holding shape. This is a rich but light pie, clean and non cloying but with good length and depth in flavour -very well-judged and balanced.

A golden-brown crust covers this pie, which has an attractive artisan look. The filling is generous and dark, from the ale and mushrooms. The aroma is warm and meaty with a good kick from the ale. The pastry is superbly crispy and pork lard works well. The meat filling is tender and beefy, expertly seasoned and with a good savoury umami favour. The onion is not visible, but there’s a sweetness that we think must come from the caramelisation. Very, very good.

This is a really good looking pie with a rich even golden crust packed full of large pieces of tender meat and a commendable thin and crispy base. The beef is soft and full of rich savoury flavour and just melts in the mouth. The beef shin and chuck combination has clearly worked and delivered an exceptional level of flavour. Flaky, buttery, short, rich pastry is exemplary and holds this deeply beefy savoury filling together with the juicy gravy adding a further level of indulgence. The seasoning is spot on and just elevates the savoury flavours. This is a perfect pie! Congratulations!

This is a tremendously appealing, neatly crimped, golden crusted pie. It has crisp pastry that holds the generous amount of filling and hasn’t become soggy. The extremely tender, good sized chunks of beef are encased in a rich and satisfying gravy. Well seasoned. Altogether a really good pie, we could polish this off very happily.

This is a wonderful pie, packed to the top crust in thick, dark brown jus and meat , well baked, and home-made in appearance – the pinching on the top pastry is stunning. And in the mouth, this is as good as any pie could possibly be – the meat melts, its flavours filling the palate and then the rich gravy works its magic on the pastry to give an utterly joyous eating pleasure. We savoured the pastry separately, and then the meat on its own and then it all together, and still, we wanted more.That’s what a three star food tastes like.

These are sent to you frozen, cook from frozen following the guidelines on the label.
Our lovely Piemaker has advised you take your pie out of the freezer 20 minutes before glazing the top with eggwash or milk.

Allergens: Wheat, Milk

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Weight 250 g