Here we feature our Rose Veal, Native Breed Beef and Dairy Cow.

Our British Rosé Veal is, quite literally, a by-product of the UK Dairy Industry.
We have been working with farmers since early 2003 to help promote Rosé Veal to our customers as a fabulous, tender and tasty meat and therefore give the calf a chance at life (longer than the average chicken or lamb) and give the farmer a good return to help boost his milk profits. Our calves are 8 to 12 months in age so are still classed as Veal. These are collected and reared on farms in Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Native Breed Beef from British Native Cattle.  These have evolved for centuries and are well equipped to deal with our climate, soil and food source.  To aid the survival of these breeds it is important to support the farmers who rear them.

Dairy Cow, once they have finished their time in the milking herd these cows are retired for a minimum of 6 months where they do very little other than graze and eat a balanced diet which allows them to finish naturally.
The result is a very distinctive fatted beef with acres of deep flavour.

Properly hung beef is superb for freezing and will emerge from a spell in the freezer with no loss of texture or flavour unlike immature, wet meat.

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