British Chicken & Duck

The bird industry has taken a hit lately with Avian Influenza and rising costs all round and the search for a tasty ethical bird has found us on many doorsteps.
We work closely with Herb Fed Poultry and after they lost their entire flock we made sure when they were up and running again we were ready to support them by re-stocking their birds on our site. Poultry farmers like Edward and his family need loyalty and support in these troubled times and this is exactly what we love to do here at AM.
We have also sourced some lovely Free-Range Chickens from Soanes Poultry who have been in business since 1947 and their birds are exceptional, super tasty ‘just like chicken used to taste’ and their ethics are spot on so are their sustainability systems which are second to none.
Also, we have sourced some lovely British Chicken that are Red Tractor Standard, full of flavour but a little more economical.
We will continue to support the Poultry Industry whenever and wherever we can whilst also making sure we bring the best tasting birds to your table.
We have also sourced some lovely British ducks as we have lost our lovely supplier at Johnson and Swarbrick and continue to source a more local supplier.

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