Rare Breed Oxford and Sandy Black Rolled Pork Loin with Fillet – Dry Aged Min. 1kg


This is a stunning dry aged pork loin joint from an Oxford and Sandy Black rare breed, we have rolled and strung the loin and included the fillet.
The skin has been scored to produce some amazing crackling, perfect!


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The Oxford Sandy and Black also known as the ‘plum pudding pig’ or sometimes ‘the Oxford forest pig’ are an attractive docile pig. A traditional farmers and cottagers pig, of the middle part of the country, especially around Oxfordshire. It seems to be closely linked to the old Berkshire and Tamworth.

These pigs have been on the brink of extinction a couple of times but the hard work of a few dedicated breeders maintained the numbers. These pigs have enjoyed a resurgence in numbers in recent years.