Andrew is the third generation to run Wackley Farm in Shropshire, his aim is to produce sustainable, nutritious and healthy meat from animals that have been born, reared and finished in an environment that is as natural and stress-free as possible.

The breeding cows are all selected for their ability to thrive off a natural, low input diet.  Red Polls are renowned for their milk production and ease of fattening.  South Devons are docile and easy to handle and their large bone structure means they produce a good size carcass.  Stabilisers are a recently established breed that produce an animal with good temperament, milk production and grazing ability.

All his calves are sired by a Wagyu Bull.  The Wagyu genetics leads to higher levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which results in a superior ratio of monounsaturated fats than in any other breed.

Andrew aims for easily managed cattle that can live outside all year round and fatten purely off forage as ruminants have evolved to do.  The ability of ruminants is to transform the energy and protein locked up in the grass and produce protein dense meat that is rich in vital nutrients and vitamins.  Livestock farming like he is doing will continue to play a key role in human health.

The fields the animals graze receive no chemical fertilizers. Instead, he sows a variety of herbs, clovers and native grass species that thrive without any artificial inputs and provide the animals with a broad range of vitamins and minerals to maintain their health. Every field is bordered by hedgerows or woodland to provide shelter and shade. The hedgerows also offer a broad variety of edible plants which they are free to access to further supplement their diet.

Andrew farms with a very low stocking density, although this system will never be the most profitable, he does it to provide the most stress-free environment as possible. Just as with humans, stress is one of the biggest causes of illness in animals, so he does all that he can to avoid this.

This extra space benefits not just the farm animals but the wildlife aswell. Reducing grazing pressure along with other changes has helped eliminate the need to treat the livestock for worms. Dung beetles and other insects that feed off animal faeces are no longer affected by the chemicals used in wormers.

The insects help form the vital base of the food chain. Pollinating bees and butterflies are thriving on the increased flower population in the grassland including red, white and alsike clovers, birds-foot trefoil, black medic, yarrow, sheep’s parsley, sainfoin and chicory. Small mammals such as hares and field mice and ground nesting birds such as skylarks and yellowhammers can find the space and food supply they need to thrive and reproduce.

The Wagyu is Pasture for Life Certified and Red Tractor Farm assured and produces some of the healthiest and tastiest meat available in a way that benefits both the consumer and the environment.

We have dry aged this Wagyu for a minimum of 45 days and this certainly shows in the eating.

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