When Diane, our Operations Manager, spotted this recipe she couldn’t believe her luck.   Here was a perfect opportunity to combine two of our products and try out a new recipe ….

The recipe is quite simple, which is why we like it.  Open up the escallops and place the veal mince in a bowl ready to mix in the ingredients for the stuffing.  We used mixed fresh herbs – parsley, thyme and oregano, and we softened some garlic and shallots gently before adding those to the mix, along with a beaten egg to help the mix to bind together.

Once the stuffing is nicely mixed you can begin to stuff the escallops, flattening some of the stuffing into the centre of the piece of meat and then rolling it up and securing with a skewer.

In fact, when Rachel tried this recipe she didn’t secure the escallop and when it cooked it seemed to be perfectly formed into a roll.  I was not quite so confident and used skewers.

Finally I made an onion gravy … A little secret just between us, I fried some onions in the same pan and simply added a mix of gravy granules, water and a stock cube.(sssh!)  There was some extra stuffing left over and so I used that up in some cabbage leaves which added nice colour to the dish …. This was placed in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C for about 40 minutes … nice and slow braising produced a stunning, melt in the mouth and very flavoursome dish.   In retrospect I would cover with foil, at the time I just kept basting with the gravy.