Welsh Wagyu Burger Min. 170g each (2) x 5 Packs


This is not just any burger … this is A Welsh Wagyu Burger, which we have refined and re-developed with our delicious Welsh Wagyu Beef and a little light help from some gentle spices. That’s it. Nothing more. No additives, or preservatives … and this awe-inspiring, very special burger stands miles ahead of anything we’ve ever tasted before in terms of succulence, juiciness and the unsurpassable flavour of the Wagyu Beef. This is an all star burger without a doubt – but don’t just take our word for it!


Stock up ready for those impromptu BBQ’s or unexpected guests. 5 Packs of 2 burgers. Now just £2 per burger ….. bargain!

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Weight 1700 g