Welsh Wagyu Fat for Dripping – 300g


Simply put, this is a pack of our lovely Welsh Wagyu Beef Fat ready for rendering at home. The flavour it imparts is fabulous and it transforms roast potatoes, wedges and handcut chips and those all important Yorkshire Puds!




Set your oven to 160C and place the fat in a small shallow pan.  Leave in the oven for approx. 30 mins and pour off the lovely golden fat into a sterilised jar.  Keep in the fridge and use whenever needed to transform any dish you choose.
If you want to eat the remaining delicious nuggets just pop them back in the oven to go really crispy ……… what a treat!

Eira who is the wife of Ifor, our Wagyu farmer, has an amazing recipe for her traditional Welsh Cakes which uses our Welsh Wagyu dripping and she has agreed to share her family recipe with us for you to try at home too.



8oz Self Raising Flour
2oz Salted Butter
2oz Welsh Wagyu Beef Dripping (from the fridge)
3oz Sugar
3oz Sultanas
1 egg


Rub the butter & Wagyu dripping into the flour
Add the sugar & sultanas
Mix to a dough with the beaten egg
Roll out onto a floured board (¼ – ½ ins thick)
Cut into rounds
Cook on a skillet/top of the AGA on a Medium heat, for 2/3 minutes. Turn when brown.

Makes 15–18 medium sizes welsh cakes

Enjoy as they are or with butter & jam

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Weight 150 g