Mangalitza Pork Fillet Min. 400g+


Our Mangalitza pork fillet does not require any trimming as it is a cut of meat that is already devoid of external fat, as you can see from the photograph.
This fillet is so tender that you can put your thumb through it and yet maintains its beautiful robust flavour, making it a much sought after cut.


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Once you have tasted Mangalitza pork, the percentage of fat on a chop or steak will take on an entirely different meaning! It is important though to realise that all the rules are there to be broken when it comes to Mangalitza – which contains healthier fatty acids than ordinary pork, with 15 – 20% higher levels of unsaturated fat than for instance, the Duroc, a commonly used pig in the UK. The fat is softer, runnier, its melting point is lower and it is much easier to digest. This makes it a better food source as it does not burden the digestive system. The meat is juicy and succulent, and the melted fat does not make the mouth feel greasy at all, just moist.


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Weight 400 g

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