Mangalitza Breakfast Feast


Probably The Best Cooked Breakfast in the World …… This is the Ultimate Breakfast!

Yes, it’s a pretty bold claim, but we honestly believe we may have put together the most wonderful Breakfast Feast – containing three packs of Mangalitza Bacon, two packs of Mangalitza Sausages, one pack of the amazing Mangalitza Black Pudding and one pack of the Mangalitza White Pudding.  All you have to do is add the trimmings ……….

This would also make a wonderful little hamper-style gift for that someone you know “who has everything” (and loves their food!).

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1 Pack Dry Cured Loin Bacon
1 Pack Dry Cured Leg Bacon
1 Pack Dry Cured Streaky Bacon
1 Pack Black Pepper Sausages
1 Pack Black Pudding Sausages
1 Pack White Pudding
1 Pack Black Pudding