Best of British Box


This box contains a great selection of high quality, farm assured, everyday products, which we have sourced from reliable, ethical farms with the very best animal welfare standards.
We are sure you will enjoy our choice of products which is an ideal way to stock your freezer with some affordable and delicious goodies for the coming weeks.
Eat good food and stay healthy!


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1 x Pack British Chicken Thighs
2 x Rare Breed Pork Chops
1 x  Pack Native Breed Beef Mince
2 x Rare Breed Pork Belly Strips
1 x Pack Rare Breed Pork Dry Cured Bacon
1 x 6 Rare Breed Pork Sausages
1 x 2 Welsh Wagyu Beef Burgers

We’ll do our best to send the items listed but this will depend on stock and we may have to send a replacement,

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Weight 2800 g