Herb Fed Free Range Chicken Min. 1.9kg+


A Chicken that has been able to truly be range free and forage in the fields.
Their unique diet and thoughtful husbandry result in a large healthy and succulent bird with a delicious depth of flavour which remains moist when cooked.


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We are so pleased to be able to share this super tasty Free Range Chicken with all our lovely customers.
Herb Fed Chicken was founded by Edward Wilkinson who wanted to produce ‘a bird with taste’ and he really has achieved this with the highest possible husbandry and welfare standards.
The birds are fed on a cereal-based feed, free from additives and growth promoters which comes from the local mill. Their unique diet also includes over 10 varieties of fresh herbs from his Aunts local herb farm. The only one they do not like is Sage!
They are traditionally farmed, hand-fed, bedded up daily with fresh straw and live in small flocks so they truly are free to forage for food and make use of their natural instincts; being able to peck at the grass, find and eat insects, dust bathe and soak up the sunshine ….. or the rain!
They really are happy birds and pecking through the herbs keeps them occupied and gives them a truly special taste which remains wonderfully moist when cooked.


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