This recipe was handed down through the generations to my partner, Ben, who comes from Belgium.   On many occasions we have sat down to enjoy this dish,  which held fond memories for him of his grandmother – although she used beef instead of goat.  We have tweaked it a little and found it works perfectly with kid goat, which lends itself slow braising.


 1kg Kid Goat Meat (diced into cubes)

Red Wine (About three quarters of a bottle)

3 slices Dark brown bread / granary or malted coated with English mustard

Good Stock 1pt

Green or Red Birds-eye Chillis. sliced thinly

Mixed coloured capsicum peppers – red, green, yellow

One Large Onion

Mixed Herbs (fresh or dried)

Freshly ground salt and black pepper


Olive Oil

Couple of bay leaves


 Take a glass of red wine and drink it.  This dish is ideal to set up in a slow cooker.   Alternatively, set aside a few hours to make it and then re-heat when ready to serve.  A warning … it is very morish and there will be no left overs!!

 Take the diced meat and brown it in a large heavy based pan, using a little olive oil.  In a separate pan, fry the sliced onion in a little oil and add the sliced chillies. 

 Pur this mix into the pan with the browned meat, and add a pint of stock and about half a bottle of red wine.  Turn down the heat and add the peppers, which you have previously de-seeded and sliced thickly.  Placed the slices of bread in the goulash, which will slowly thicken the mixture as it braises.

Add the bay leaves, salt and pepper and a couple of drops of Tabasco, to taste.