Welsh Wagyu Osso Bucco Min. 500g – Dry Aged


Welsh Wagyu Beef Osso Bucco might sound like a contradiction in terms, but we think it makes a smashing option to our Rose Veal Osso Bucco ….  and that marrow in the centre of the shin bone ….. well ……!!!!


Many purists say that Osso Bucco has to come from Veal …. and although we do sell this cut in our British Rose Veal section, we couldn’t resist producing the same delicious cut from our Welsh Wagyu Beef.   In fact, research shows that this term can be applied to other meats, even goat meat, despite it originating from Italian cuisine using veal as the base for the recipe.  It literally means “hole in the bone” and this extra marrow produces a wonderful tasty and rich dish when slow cooked.

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Weight 500 g