Poussin – Min. 550g


There are lots of recipes available online for poussin, and many options in the way you can cook and present them.   We recommend cooking on a fairly high heat for about 45 minutes, with a little resting time once they have been removed from the heat source.   To add more succulence you can always push some butter and herbs under the breast skin, and they do lend themselves to marinading and spatchcocking too.


So many occasions call for a small bird ……. and these poussin will certainly fit the bill!  Sometimes known as Spring Chicken, due to their young age, these birds that we have are slightly larger than the usual 450g bird you will find on the shelves of a supermarket, meaning they have been left to slow grow to the perfect size.   Plump and succulent, they can be roasted whole or jointed and used in casseroles, or spatchcocked and we recommend one as a single portion.