Mini Royal Roaster Box


Which roast would you pick for your Christmas Day treat?  We’ve got it covered!

WW 500g Roast

RV 500g Rump Roast

Pork 500g Loin Roast

Mangalitza Pork Fillet 400g


Ideal for those spending Christmas in smaller groups this year …… or just to spoil yourself over the festive period!  We believe that a 500g Roast will provide a lovely meal for two, or for one with cold cuts the rest of the week …. and there is enough choice in this lovely box to keep most of us happily fed over the Christmas holiday.


Welsh Wagyu Beef Roasting Joint 500g

Rose Veal Rump Roasting Joint 500g

Pork Loin Roast 500g

Mangalitza Pork Fillet 400g