Iberico Pork Secreto Min. 400g+


Iberico Secreto is a part of the top extreme of the loin’s top. While it comes from the shoulder area, it has a lot of similarities to a tender skirt steak.
This is a premium Arturo Sanchez Secreto from double Montanera Iberico Pork. This has a high level of marbling with a sweet nutty flavour.


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The secreto has so much marbling, it is a small, thin cut that is hard to locate on the pigs, hence the name. It should be grilled or cooked in a cast iron skillet at medium high heat.
Ideal for the BBQ!
Indigenous black Iberico pigs wander the dehesa forests of southwest Spain feeding on herbs, grasses and most importantly, acorns. Not only are they the happiest pigs on earth, but this diet adds wonderful flavour to the pork. And all that exercise fosters the marbling that makes Iberico so special. The acorn and herb flavored pork is high in mono-unsaturated fats that melt at low temperatures.


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