Ducks From Goosnargh (Johnson & Swarbrick)

At J&S we’re passionate about our produce. What makes us different is the way we rear our birds the rearing and
feed process. With our own mixing plant, running 5 days a week, we know exactly what we’re feeding our birds.
We feed them what’s good for them.

No genetic modifications – No growth promoters, no antibiotics or any other additives included.
We have created our own unique recipe promoting slow growth. The birds all arrive to the farm at one day old. They are put into
nursery sheds that are heated to the specified temperature for 21-28 days.  At this stage they are moved to the adult sheds
which are open, spacious, well aired with plenty of room to run freely.  They are bedded daily with fresh barley straw and
miscanthus (a revolutionary biomass crop), this is grown on our own land within a 3 mile radius of the farm.

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