British Rose Veal

We offer you a refreshing look at sustainable dairy farming – and one that we have been campaigning for over many years. We have had the RSPCA’s blessing for a long time now, but more recently Compassion in World Farming also stepped upto the mark to announce that rearing ex-dairy bull calves to just under a year old is indeed a much preferred way of dealing with the natural problems that hits farmers when their dairy cows give birth to bulls.

The dairy cow was not considered a good option for its meat, but careful rearing and handling and a refining of the cereal diet our calves are fed, has produced a wonderful meat that is both tender and flavoursome.   It is not the insipid, pale meat of young milk fed calves, but a deeper, more vibrant pink – hence the term Rose Veal. There were some stigmas attached to eating continental veal which have lingered on in the minds of the general pubilic, but we are very keen to dispel the myths surrounding the rearing process.   For instance, some farmed animals are no more than a few months old when they are pronounced ready for processing – our calves have reached the age of at least 11 months and weigh a healthy 300kg.   They are kept in large open barns in social groups, with access to fresh air, daylight and fresh water – not the horrendous calf crates that were used in the past.    

Many of our favourite TV Chef’s have supported the use of Rose Veal, such as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie and Jimmy from Jimmy’s Farm  – and we supply our own favourites too, such as George Barson from Kitty Fisher’s and Cora Pearl in Mayfair and Covent Garden, Matt Worswick from The Latymer at Penny Hill Park, Stuart Collins from Docket 33 and James Sherwin from Wild Shropshire.

There is a special section in Our Virtual Counter with a very comprehensive list of British Rose Veal Products – we have only listed a few here for you.

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