At the start of next year Alternative Meats has been in business for 20 years – and over that time we believe that we have learned a lot about Artisan Farming in the UK, and exactly what goes into making our meat products shine above the rest. If we had supplied “run of the mill” beef, pork and lamb over those years, we don’t think we would be here today. To be different – to search out only the very best, to find Farmers who really care about their animals and whose welfare standards are well above average – that has been our aim and we are very proud to be known for our specialist meats and unsurpassed quality. Always listening to our customers, and through their feedback and comments, we have ensured that we only work with Farmers who can show us that they have the very best husbandry, and that first and foremost are their concerns for their animals and the environment they inhabit, The meat we sell is antibiotic and hormone free and slow grown, and our flagship products such as the Wagyu Beef and the Mangalitza Pork are healthy options, being high in mono-unsaturates. Where animals can be left out at grass they are, and provided shelter from harsh weather, such as our Hogget. Our products are traceable and have excellent provenance – and these are not just buzz words – we really can tell you the life history of each animal we sell ! The final journey that our animals make is to the very closest abattoir to avoid unnecessary stress, in fact our Goosenargh Ducks never leave the farm where they are raised.

Meet Mitch Lawrence – a Personal Trainer and Fitness/Nutrition Expert from Crewe, Cheshire, who has been in the industry for over 13 years and was a Life Guard at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in 2012.   Mitch loves our products and uses the Wagyu Biltong as a protein snack in his busy and fast moving schedule.  As you can imagine, nutrition and eating better quality meats is high on his to-do-list, and we are really happy to be able to supply exactly what he needs to maintain his fantastically high muscle mass and to help him in his passion for fitness.

Browse this section if you would like to find healthy options – protein snacks such as our Award Winning Wagyu Biltong and Snapsticks, the ingredients to make Bone Broth, Wild and Lean Cuts of Meat and much more!!

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