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Wild meats are often described as being even better for you than organic or free range meats. One of the main benefits of eating game meat is that is it one of the most healthiest meats available, very low in fat and cholesterol. Game meat is lean as the animals and birds that we label as "Game" are wild and are able to walk and roam freely so are not as fatty as farmed animals.

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  • Boned, Rolled and Stuffed Oven Ready Pheasant Breasts Min. 250g

    This speciality joint has been prepared for you to oven cook (roast), and is what we would describe as "easy carve". It is a boneless pheasant breast, stuffed with Wild Boar and Apricot sausage meat and is a very flavoursome roast and something quite different to offer your guests........... This product is seasonal. Learn More

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  • Game Pie Mix Min. 500g

    A delicious mix of currently available game, usually venison, rabbit, pigeon,partridge and pheasant. This does make the most wonderful casserole or pie !! Learn More

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  • Game Roulade Min. 600g

    Our Game Roulade feeds 3 to 4 guests and is a perfect way to introduce game at the dinner table for the first time. We have layered pheasant and pigeon fillets with orange & thyme stuffing, rolled in locally smoked bacon. With no bones or waste, the roulade is great roasted in the oven and eaten either hot or cold. As a starter its hard to beat cold, finely sliced with some relish and garnish. The dark meat from the pigeon and the light meat from the pheasant make a lovely contrast on the plate. Carries cooking instructions with the packaging. Learn More

  • Gamekeeper's Choice

    This selection box is just the ticket for those dark winter nights on the run up to Christmas, when it's good to settle down to a lovely rich casserole or a roast with lovely depth of flavour. The Gamekeepers Choice, which again represents great value and contains:
    Oven Ready Pheasant x 2
    Oven Ready Partridge x 2
    Oven Ready Pigeon x 2
    Oven Ready Quail x 2
    Pigeon Fillets x 4Learn More

  • Guinea Fowl (Oven Ready) Min. 1.25kg

    These are exceptional birds and guaranteed to be moist and tender. Originally a game bird, but now domesticated and available all year round, guinea fowl has a flavour somewhere between chicken and pheasant.A young bird has tasty flesh; older birds are good to casserole as this helps keep the flesh moist – try casseroling in red wine with chestnuts an a seasonal option. One bird will serve two people.Learn More

  • Mallard (Oven Ready) Min. 600g

    Whole, oven ready wild duck is a real treat. You will find the meat dark and full of flavour, and one whole mallard will usually serve two people. The breasts are not as plump as farmed duck but make up for this with their gamey rich flavour. The Mallard is famously suited to a fruit sauce or jus, such as black cherry or orange and is a really good dish for the winter months. Learn More

  • Oven Ready Partridge Min. 240g

    The season for shooting partridge is 1st September - 1st February each year. The red-legged or french partridge is much more common than the grey legged variety. This little bird is best roasted, or you can joint up very much like a chicken and casserole .... slow coked is a lovely way to present the bird at its best. Learn More

  • Oven Ready Pheasant Min 500g

    This bird has been prepared for you to either oven cook (roast) or to joint up and place in a delicious casserole. We recommend covering with foil for the first twenty minutes - and cover the breast with some rashers of streaky bacon to keep it moist. Learn More

  • Oven Ready Young Grouse Min. 300g

    Traditionally commencing on the 12th August in Scotland, England and Wales, the Grouse shooting season continues until 10th December. The grouse is our favourite small game bird and ideal for one portion serving. The meat is heavily perfumed with the heathers that these lovely little birds live and thrive on. Learn More

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  • Quail - Oven Ready, Bone In - Pack of 2 - Min. 280g

    We serve two of these delightful little birds, all oven ready and prepared on the bone, in one pack. One is sufficient for a slight supper or starter, you may need to serve two for those with a robust appetite. They are easy to stuff and roast, and also make good curries, unusually - probably because for such a small bird, they pack a lot of lovely flavour! Learn More

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