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Wild Boar

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  • Wild Boar and Apple Sausages (6) 450g min.

    Wild Boar and Apple Sausages are delicious, there is no doubt about it. The traditional combination of apple with pork translates beautifully in this sausage, with chunky pieces of juicy apple complimenting the more deeply flavoured wild boar. The sausages are hand-linked and thicker than usual. Learn More

  • Wild Boar Burgers min. 340g

    Wild Boar Burgers say that you've gone just that bit further than the local supermarket for your grill or barbecue ........ We use European Wild Boar which is reared and hunted in Poland, and have added just a hint of fruit into the recipe to complement this lovely savoury meat. The burgers are packed in two's and weigh 6oz (170g). Learn More

  • Wild Boar Diced Casserole Min. 500g

    This is meat from the shoulder of the Boar that we have prepared and diced ready for the casserole. Learn More

  • Wild Boar Haunch Joint Min. 1.5kg

    Wild Boar Haunch Joints come in three sizes, and the 1.5kg will feed 5 - 6 guests. (The joint pictured here is the 2kg). It is best, in our experience, to slow roast .... when you can achieve that wonderful sticky, rich result so recently popularised in pulled pork. Usually the joint will benefit from being marinaded overnight, but this is purely a matter of choice. Learn More

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  • Wild Boar Haunch Joint Min. 1kg

    We have made these in different sizes to suit every occasion - whether you are having a Sunday treat for two or feeding the whole family. You will easily feed 4 with the 1kg joint, which is the smallest available. (The 2kg joint is pictured here as we don't have another available image currently). Learn More

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  • Wild Boar Loin Steak Min. 170g

    Beautifully tender British Wild Boar loin steak that can be grilled, pan fried or oven baked and is delicious with or without a sauce! (But we always like Apple !!) Learn More

6 Item(s)

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