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Welsh Wagyu Beef - Dry Aged

Welsh Wagyu Beef - Dry Aged

Gold Star Award Winning Welsh Wagyu Beef

With 30 years of cattle management under his belt, Ifor Humphreys from Montgomeryshire has just the right knowledge and experience to raise his Japanese Wagyu Cattle on the family farm.Following the regime practiced in Japan {which produces the famous Kobe Beef} but with a lovely Welsh twist to the tale, Ifor feeds his lucky cattle on four pints of beer a day from the wonderful local Monty's Brewery, accompanied by an occasional massage - many would envy the lifestyle!!


We have now launched our brand new product, Wagyu Fat, which has been awarded the highest accolade from the Guild of Fine Foods, THREE Gold Stars!! See below for other Gold Star Winners from both 2011 and now 2012 - consistently brilliant!!

WELSH WAGYU - Grass Fed Japanese Wagyu Beef from Wales!

When we first took the call from Ifor and listened to his story, we couldn't help but be excited about the prospect of retailing this wonderful product. Ifor has a vision - to produce top quality Welsh Wagyu Beef that is primarily grass fed, allowing these magnificent creatures to wander across the green fields on his family farm in Montgomeryshire, rather than being barn-reared as they are in their homeland. The cattle receive a cereal ration from the neighbouring farm (no wasted food miles here!) in addition to the grass, and of course are partial to "a tipple" as detailed below! Wagyu is a highly marbled beef, and is scored for this attribute on the Australian scale of 1 – 9.
We currently believe we are achieving an average score of 5 – 6. The higher the score the higher the meat is prized and the top marble score on a steak in Japan would mean that the steak would appear almost creamy white and pale in colour !

The good news is that the fat is high in mono-unsaturates, it is creamy in texture and melts at room temperature. We render and refine the fat and retail it in Harrods, and also supply it to celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver and Michel Starred Gareth Ward at Ynyshir Hall (“One to Watch 2015”)