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Welsh Wagyu Beef Burgers



We wanted to wax lyrical about the superb flavour, the high meat content, the real scrumptiousness of this burger, and how you will never have tasted a burger like it - but decided instead to just say Simply The Best.

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  • Welsh Wagyu Burger - Min. 170g - GLUTEN FREE

    This is not just any burger ... this is A Welsh Wagyu Burger, which we have refined and re-developed with our delicious Welsh Wagyu Beef and a little light help from some gentle spices. That's it. Nothing more. No additives, or preservatives ... and this awe-inspiring, very special burger stands miles ahead of anything we've ever tasted before in terms of succulence, juiciness and the unsurpassable flavour of the Wagyu Beef. We have had reports that this burger actually tastes very much like eating Wagyu steak - it is so meaty and pure in flavour. This is an all star burger without a doubt - but don't just take our word for it!Learn More

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  • Welsh Wagyu Steakhouse Burgers min. 280g

    The reason you can find this pack of 2 5oz traditional recipe Welsh Wagyu Steakhouse Burgers on our website is very simple ....As you would expect, it is most definitely an "Alternative" to anything you can find in the high street - or the supermarket. 88% carefully minced Welsh Wagyu Beef, with the remaining 12% being made up of hand-crafted seasonings developed over months of trials with our Food Development Team. These are smaller than our Gluten Free Welsh Wagyu Burgers and unlike those, they do contain Gluten, but we promise you will not be disappointed with this delicious burger, which we are sure will very quickly become a firm family favourite.

    Allergens :   Gluten, , Preservative E223 

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