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Valentine's - Every night ?!

Valentine's - Every night ?!

Look no further! This whole section is devoted to giving you fantastic ideas to create a wonderful, romantic meal for two that will WOW! the love of your life and show him or her how much you want to spoil them .......... Whether you've been together for one day or a lifetime, we all love to be spoilt and for someone to go that extra mile to show us how much they care and appreciate us - and with some of the great ideas listed here, If music be the food of love, play on!! As someone once said .....

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  • Corn Fed Chicken Breast Fillets Min. 400g (2)

    Nothing is quite so versatile as a chicken breast fillet! We love them don't we ... we can slice, chop, dice, wrap or simply cook them whole ....... Fried, boiled, grilled, poached, braised ...... stir fries, curries, casseroles, sandwiches .....

    We offer two breasts in a pack, which will easily serve two to four people depending on how you decide to cook them.

    These particular birds have had a lovely life at Goosnargh Farm, barn-reared and fed on their delicious home grown corn. Learn More

  • Corn Fed Chicken Thighs Min. 600g+ (4)

    When we first wanted to source our ducks from Johnson and Swarbrick (Goosnargh) we did not imagine extending our range to include their delicious corn fed chickens, which are barn-reared.

    However, having tried it ourselves, we knew we had to make it available for you to try at home - and of course, it forms a very important part of our "Best of British Morale Booster Boxes".

    Learn More

  • Corn Fed Large Oven Ready Chicken Min.1.8kg+

    These lovely plump, juicy chickens are from our fantastic suppliers Johnson and Swarbrick up in Goosnargh, who are famous for supplying Michelin chefs with their amazing poultry. The birds are barn-reared and fed on corn that is grown on the Farm. One of these chickens will feed six easily and you'll have something left over for sandwiches the next day! Learn More

  • Diced British Beef Steak Min. 500g

    Dig out your family favourite casserole recipe and send it up-market with some ready diced beef! The results, we guarantee, will be tender and full of flavour. Why not try our lovely Rendang Curry mix as an option? Let's warm the evening up a little ! Learn More

  • Hogget Diced Min. 500g

    Perfect for a hearty mid-week supper ....delicious in a hot-pot or casserole. We've included diced hogget in our Valentine's section because it makes the most wonderful curry, and sometimes you can really make a lasting impression with a good curry!!! Learn More

  • Hot Smoked Goosnargh Duck Breasts (2 in a Pack) Min. 300g

    Our Goosnargh Hot Smoked Duck Breasts breasts are deliciously tender, lightly smoked and delivered to us fresh from the Smokery. Hot smoking is a cooking process and as such this product can be eaten cold, straight from the pack. It is a wonderfully sophisticated starter or canapé, thinly sliced with a light walnut dressing on baby leaves, or there are some lovely citrus salad recipes available. Amazing value compared with standard supermarket brands, and these fillets are from an artisan producer! Learn More

  • Mangalitza Breakfast For Two

    Probably The Best Cooked Breakfast in The World .....Yes, it's a pretty bold claim, but we honestly believe we may have put together the most wonderful Breakfast For Two - containing a pack of Mangalitza Bacon, a pack of of Mangalitza Sausages, and one 300g pack of the amazing Mangalitza Black Pudding. All you have to do is add the trimmings - the eggs, the baked beans and the tomatoes !!! Oh, and be with the right person in the morning !!
    1 Pack Mangalitza Bacon
    1 Pack Mangalitza Sausages
    1 Pack Mangalitza Black Pudding Learn More

  • Mangalitza Pork Burgers Min. 170g

    The simplest of meals, made with love, can bring joy and peace to a household ..... and also, of course, add some romance to an otherwise ordinary weekday meal.  So even if you don't traditionally celebrate Valentine's Night, this might be a great opportunity to try something new for a weekday meal !   You could pair up your Mangalitza Burger with some tasty Potato Wedges - we have a great Spice n'Tice rub available in our Pantry ! 

    It's very hard to compare the Mangalitza with anything else, as the attributes of this pork are just so amazing - the depth of flavour, the wonderful "umami" that we all know about but can't pinpoint terribly easily .... make this an exceptionally juicy, tasty burger, the like of which you will not find on the high street!

    Allergens :   Gluten, Sulphites, Preservative E221 



    Learn More

  • Rose Veal Fillet Steak - Gold Star Awarded! Min. 170g

    We cannot recommend this cut highly enough. This is a tender, succulent, delicate and yet flavoursome steak that will feel like "Angels dancing on your tongue ..." and there are lots of recipes and serving suggestions available to suit all tastes. Used by Internationally acclaimed an Michelin Star Chef Andrew Fairlie on his menu at Gleneagles, and Great British Menu Michelin Star Matt Worswick at The Latymer, Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot, Surrey, what higher recommendation can we give?

    Learn More

  • Rose Veal Rib Eye Steak Min. 220g

    Delicious grilled with a coating of whole grain mustard and honey, or on a griddle to crisp up the lovely tasty fat ... rib really is one of the tastiest cuts that you can try, and veal rib in particular is very popular. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Diced Steak Min. 500g - Dry Aged

    Dig out your family favourite casserole recipe and send it up-market with some ready diced Wagyu beef! The results, we guarantee, will be tender and full of flavour. Why not try our lovely Rendang Curry mix as an option? Let's warm the evening up a little ! Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steak 10oz Min. 285g Dry Aged - Gold Star Award Winner in the Great Taste Awards

    This fabulous rib eye was awarded TWO Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards - proving once again that our Welsh Wagyu really does excel against ordinary beef steaks. The rib is traditionally where the scoring for the marbling of Wagyu beef is measured, so that we know it is of the best quality to include in our product list here on the website. These steaks will not disappoint you - the marbling is excellent and the flavour outstanding. ***NEED A DIFFERENT SIZE STEAK, PLEASE CALL TO ORDER*** Learn More

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  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Rump Steak Bistro Cut Min. 220g - Dry Aged

    Part of the product development process with the Wagyu has meant that Rachel has been studying the art of seaming out various of the primal muscles - instead of just utilising standard cuts. This particular steak has been taken from a seamed-out rump muscle.

    Learn More

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