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Secret Steaks Revealed

Secret Steaks Revealed

"Secret Steaks" are an amazing selection of cuts of Wagyu that are often ignored and under-utilised, when in fact they can produce fantastic results if handled with care and a little imagination. So widen your horizons! Think of this as a way to challenge your culinary skills and we will open the door to a whole new world of steaks for you !

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  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Bavette min. 400g - Dry Aged

    This is a very popular steak on the Continent, and we have deliberately produced it in a large format so that you can choose your favourite method of cooking and presenting The Bavette - which can be grilled, pan fried, boiled or braised for increased tenderness. Choose to slice thinly and share - or keep it a secret for your nights in alone!! Learn More

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  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Delmonico Steak min. 500g - Dry Aged

    Delmonico Steak does seem to be a popular name for quite a few different cuts, about 9 in total. but we take ours from the rib end of the chuck, leaving the rib in. The original Delmonico was served in New York City in the mid-19th Century, and was accompanied by a potato dish, known as Delmonico's potatoes, prepared by making a mashed potato dish topped with grated cheese and buttered breadcrumbs, then baked until golden brown and served steaming. Sounds wonderful! Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Denver Steak min. 200g - Dry Aged

    Rachel has been doing some research recently into the cuts that are popular in the USA, and the Denver Steak was something she thought would be worthy of investigation, especially in the Welsh Wagyu - and she was 100% correct, its a beautifully tender cut, really good for the Barbecue. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Flank Skirt min. 400g - Dry Aged

    The Flank Skirt Steak - another under-appreciated piece of meat, coming from the belly of the cow and closer to the hind legs. This does take a marinade particularly well, and is excellent grilled. You can cut with or across the grain, which is very evident in the skirt steak. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Flat Iron Steak min. 400g - Dry Aged

    American Barbecue Champions often use this cut to demonstrate their skills, and when we were asked for this steak for a Barbecue Competition we decided to list it. Taken from the underside of the chuck blade, may contain one or two steaks. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Goose Skirt min. 400g - Dry Aged

    The Goose Skirt Steak - another hidden beauty. This is a steak taken from the "point" of the flank and is quite a thick piece of meat, as can be seen from the "prepped" photo. The secret to cooking this is forming a lovely crust on the ouside with the use of some freshly crushed Anglesey Sea Salt, searing it on a high heat ... and then letting the steak rest for a good 5 - 8 minutes off the direct heat but kept warm ... you can cook for longer in a heavy based pan if you prefer a less rare result. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Hanger Steak (Onglet) min. 500g - Dry Aged

    This is a one-off steak from each animal we bring in. It hangs from the diaphragm on the carcase and when sliced looks like a feather with the nerve like the quill. Cut like this it is good for casseroles. However, if the nerve is removed it gives two flat muscles that are very lean with a good flavour and firm texture, which are brilliant slow cooked in curries or grilled rare for a thai-style salad. These are also good for daubes and casseroles, but also for flash frying and we consider them excellent value for money. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Tri-Tip Steak min. 400g - Dry Aged

    Surprisingly tender, this cut is taken from the rump muscle and is removed when we take off the rump cap or picanha. It is delicious and often one of the most marbled cuts that we have discovered. It lends itself to a rapid pan-fry and long stand, or you can sear it and finish it off slowly and gently as with the Delmonico or Bavette. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Velvet Steak min. 500g - Dry Aged

    The Velvet Steak (sometimes called the Mouse Muscle or Pavé), can also be flash-fried in a very hot pan, or slow-braised for increased tenderness. It is often cut in this neat, rectangular or square shape. Learn More

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