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These delicious sausage recipes are perfect for livening up mid-week suppers or for surprising your guests on long weekend brunches ..... or you can just put them around your Sunday roast as an accompaniment.

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  • Chicken and Tarragon Sausages (6) 450g min.

    Not many people have experienced a really well made chicken sausage - and we use only the very best quality chicken breast fillet in this sausage. The slightly aniseed tang of the aromatic tarragon really does complement the mildness of the chicken and we cannot recommend this sausage highly enough! Learn More

  • Guinea Fowl and Ginger Sausages (6) 450g min.

    Once again, these sausages are hand-linked and thicker than usual and therefore present a very rustic look and feel for a supper dish, whether served in a casserole or on the barbecue or grill. The unusual combination of flavours ringS the changes and the deeper tones of the guinea fowl meat come through beautifully. Learn More

  • Mangalitza Pork Sausages with Cracked Black Pepper - 400g min.

    Look at these beauties! And if you haven't tried the Mangalitza yet, then you're in for a real treat if you want to start off simply with the sausages and black pudding ... what an amazing combination breakfast these will provide!The sausages are very "rustic" looking, thick and chunky, and the flavour is very subtly enhanced with the addition of simple spices and cracked black pepper. We love them! There are always four in a pack, and they are delicious as a breakfast sausage or for a more refined supper dish. Learn More

  • Merguez Sausages (6) 450g min.

    This is a lovely recipe for Merguez Sausages which imparts an amazingly authentic flavour, using lamb in the traditional way with Moroccan-style spices. These will liven up your Saturday brunch or mid-week supper dishes without being overpowering and help you to create an exotic flavour to your meal. Learn More


    Choose this option to receive four packs of sausages and you will only be charged for three packs! When you finalise your order you will be able to name the types of sausages that you would like to receive. A great opportunity to try lots of different bangers! Learn More

  • The Barbeque Burger and Banger Box

    Burgers and Bangers have long been the favourite choice of the British Barbeque devotees ... But Alternative Meats can offer you a really different and interesting selection that will set your Barbeque apart from all the rest this Summer!
    This box contains:
    1 x Pack of Two Kangaroo Burgers
    1 x Pack of Two Venison Burgers
    1 x Pack of Two Ostrich Burgers
    1 x Pack of Mangalitza Pork Sausages
    1 x Pack of Merguez Sausages
    1 x Pack of Chicken and Tarragon Sausage
    This amazing selection will give you at least 20 single servings and will cost you just £1.00 per serving! Learn More

  • Wild Boar and Apple Sausages (6) 450g min.

    Wild Boar and Apple Sausages are delicious, there is no doubt about it. The traditional combination of apple with pork translates beautifully in this sausage, with chunky pieces of juicy apple complimenting the more deeply flavoured wild boar. The sausages are hand-linked and thicker than usual. Learn More

7 Item(s)

per page