British Rose Veal, reared in welfare friendly conditions, tender, pink and delicious!

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Rose Veal Steaks

Rose Veal Steaks

Tender, succulent veal that produces excellent results everytime. We have a wide range of steaks available alongside the more traditional veal cuts, and recipes available on our Tastebuds Website  for the easy to follow recipe!

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  • Rose Veal Quick Fry Steaks Min. 300g

    Thinly sliced, small cuts of veal that are ideally suited to quick frying. Excellent for a hot steak baguette! Learn More

  • Rose Veal Rib Eye Steak Min. 220g

    Delicious grilled with a coating of whole grain mustard and honey, or on a griddle to crisp up the lovely tasty fat ... rib really is one of the tastiest cuts that you can try, and veal rib in particular is very popular. Learn More

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  • Rose Veal Rump Bistro Steak Min. 220g

    Trimmed to restaurant standard, this is a deliciously tender rump steak absolutely ready for the grill or pan. We recommend no more than a medium rare for best results. Learn More

  • Rose Veal Fillet Goujons Min. 200g

    A chance to buy Rose Veal Fillet steak at a really amazing price, already cut into strips for a stroganoff - or simply pan fry the strips with some onions and mushrooms for a lunchtime baguette .... Learn More

  • Rose Veal Sirloin Steak Min. 220g

    Veal is a naturally very lean, tender meat with virtually no fat or gristle - you will not be disappointed with our sirloin steaks. Learn More

  • Rose Veal Fillet Steak - Gold Star Awarded! Min. 170g

    Such a tender, succulent fillet deserves a glorious recipe. Learn More

  • Rose Veal Escallops (Packed in two's) Min. 340g

    This thinly sliced cut of veal is used in the well known escallop recipe - Wiener Schnitzel. Another idea is to cook them with a mushroom sauce. Learn More

  • Rose Veal Cutlet - Min. 350g

    When we were asked to supply Italian Restaurant Romazzino's in Nantwich with our lovely Rose Veal Cutlets, we thought nothing more of it - until they followed this up with an order for their second Restaurant in Alsager ! Now they have these delicious chops almost always available, so popular have they proved, and we can recommend them if you are looking to re-create that authentic Italian flavour in your cookery.Simply pan fry in a little butter to give colour, and then finish in the oven (200 Degrees C) with an accompanying white wine, rosemary and bay leaf infused liquid. Finally add in capers and olives, for that true Mediterranean style finish. About 15 - 20 minutes in the oven should suit two cutlets nicely. You can use cherry tomatoes to garnish, add them 10 minutes before the end. Learn More

  • Rose Veal Chop Min. 500g

    Delicious! Try brushing with a mustard and honey mix, and grilling lightly - perfect with salad in the summer and also works with winter vegetables. Learn More

  • Rose Veal T-Bone Steak Min. 500g

    You will find all the qualities of a Beef T-Bone enhanced in our British Rosé Veal T-Bones - they are tender, succulent and make a wonderful dish. Serve grilled, or seared and finished in the oven - you can leave the steak plain or serve with a delicious porcini mushroom cream sauce, the nutty flavour of these mushrooms works really well with Rosé Veal. Learn More

  • Rose Veal Fillet - Gold Star Awarded! Min. 500g

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    Dinner for two? Try this wonderful succulent fillet - you and your guest will not be disappointed! Learn More

  • Case of 6 Gold Star Awarded Rose Veal Fillet Steaks

    This special offer of a case of 6 x 170g, beautifully tender Rose Veal Fillet steaks is fantastic value for money. The steaks are hand-cut and packed separately for easy freezing. Learn More

  • Rose Veal Choice Box

    Rose Veal is a fabulous, tender and tasty meat. Great with traditional recipes but versatile too for the creative chef. This box contains everything you need to create and enjoy plenty of delicious meals. Contains:
    2 x 170g Fillet Steaks
    2 x 350g Cutlets
    1 x 500g Mince
    1 x 1kg Rib Eye Joint
    Learn More

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  • Rose Veal Fillet - Gold Star Awarded Min.1.5kg

    This piece of fillet will provide 6 - 8 servings, perfect for a special occasion. The quality of this particular cut speaks for itself if we tell you that we have served several well known Michelin-Star Chefs with this very same product, including Matt Worswick at The Latymer at Penny Hill Park Hotel in Bagshot, and Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles in Scotland. Learn More

  • Old Cow, Young Cow and Pampered Cow Selection

    What a fantastic combination box this is for The Steak Connoisseur !

    We've put together 6 x 200g Sirloin Steaks - (8 oz) - in one delicious box of loveliness for you! If you are a foodie, or know someone who is, then this box really offers a great opportunity to test three fantastic beef products, from very different sources. In the photograph, you can see "Old Cow" which is our Galician Beef, aged for over 40 days on the bone, and then "Young Cow", our British Rosé Veal, bull calves from our Dairy Industry, and finally "Pampered Cow" which is of course, our delicious Welsh Wagyu Beef, grass and beer fed on the rolling hills of Wales.

    Learn More

  • Case of 12 Gold Star Awarded Rose Veal Fillet Steaks

    Another special offer, this time a case of 12 x 170g, beautifully tender Rose Veal Fillet steaks. Similar to the smaller box, the steaks are hand-cut and packed separately for easy freezing but this box represents even better value for money. Learn More

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