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  • Beer Can Chicken - Or Guiness Fowl?! Or ever-so-pleasant Pheasant?!

    It did occur to us to suggest that you could use Guiness and Guinea Fowl for this recipe - just too much of a temptation! On the other hand, what an amazingly simple way of keeping a pheasant lovely and moist! However, the recipe is based on an ordinary everyday chicken and the result is so delicious that we thought it was too good to leave out of our SpiceNTice range. The instructions are all on the inside of the spice sleeve, and really are very easy and straight forward to follow - everything from the other ingredients you will need (which only number four!) as well as your bird of choice. Give it a whirl - it's a fun way to cook and the results are amazing! Learn More

  • Boned, Rolled and Stuffed Oven Ready Pheasant Min. 350g

    This bird has been prepared for you to oven cook (roast), and is what we would describe as "easy carve". It is boneless, stuffed with Wild Boar and Cider sausagemeat and topped off with streaky bacon, which will protect the breast beautifully during the roasting process. A very flavoursome roast and something quite different to offer your guests........... This product is seasonal. Learn More

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  • Oven Ready Pheasant Min 500g

    This bird has been prepared for you to either oven cook (roast) or to joint up and place in a delicious casserole. We recommend covering with foil for the first twenty minutes - and cover the breast with some rashers of streaky bacon to keep it moist. Learn More

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