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As part of the celebration of our 18th Anniversary of being in business, we are launching this Showcase of Our Top Chefs and highlighting the lovely Restaurants and Hotels where they weave their magic. Some of them have Michelin Stars, others AA Rosettes and some you will recognise from their appearances on television - programmes such as Great British Menu or Saturday Kitchen with James Martin. The one thing they all have in common is their love of really high quality meats that carry fantastic traceability and provenance, and are produced by artisan farmers who really care about good animal welfare and husbandry. We will show you close ups of the establishments where you will find some amazing food and menus, lots of which include the very products you can buy right here on our website! If we can, we have asked Chef to provide his or her favourite tip or recipe for the meats that they most commonly use from our Butchery. We do hope that you will take the opportunity to follow up some of these fabulous restaurants and pay them a visit, so that you can try first-hand some of the amazing dishes and menus that Our Top Chefs work so hard to produce.

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