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Lots of different birds here, but not chicken! (With the exception of the Poussin of course!). Game birds offer a really healthy, organic option, and the darker, more gamey meat is full of flavour. Have you tried the biggest bird of all? Ostrich Fillet is a fantastic meat, and is low in both fat and cholesterol.

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  • Venison Haunch Roasting Joint Min. 800g

    This joint will serve four very comfortably. Learn More

  • Venison Haunch Roasting Joint Min. 500g

    This joint will serve two very comfortably. We've added this to the range due to popular demand. Learn More

  • Venison Burgers Bumper BBQ Pack of 10

    This Bumper BBQ Pack is our way of giving something back for all the wonderful support you have shown to us during this crisis. We have made a huge reduction in the price of some of our burgers, and would like to fondly imagine that you will be enjoying some summer madness in your gardens or on your balconies during the lockdown warm weather. 

    In fact, if you do want to purchase a Bumber BBQ Pack, we would love to have photographs of how you choose to cook them to feature on our Social Media ! Just pop a photograph over to and leave the rest to us!

    Venison Burgers are a great way to try venison if you have not tried it before, as the richness of the meat really lends itself to our burger recipe - producing a quick easy meal, but what a lovely way to ring the changes!

    Allergens :   Gluten, Sulphites, Preservative E221, Celery



    Learn More

  • Venison Boneless Loin Fillet Min. 500g

    A whole piece of tender, succulent venison loin fillet. Ideal for steaking at home, or cooking and serving whole. Learn More

  • Guinea Fowl (Oven Ready) Min. 1.25kg

    These are exceptional birds and guaranteed to be moist and tender. Originally a game bird, but now domesticated and available all year round, guinea fowl has a flavour somewhere between chicken and pheasant.A young bird has tasty flesh; older birds are good to casserole as this helps keep the flesh moist – try casseroling in red wine with chestnuts an a seasonal option. One bird will serve two people.Learn More

  • Goosnargh Spatchcock Chicken Min.1.4kg+ with Chipotle Rub

    Spatchcocking is great for roast chicken in a high-heated oven. It’s also ideal for grilling - by laying chicken flat on the barbecue or grill, it easily chars and absorbs the smokey flavour, while remaining nice and juicy! Being able to lay the chicken flat, allows it to roast in the oven more evenly. Plus, you get beautifully crispy skin.We've included a Chipotle Rub with this little bird, which will add a super bit of heat to your chicken - enjoy the distinctive spicy and smoky flavour of this smoke-dried jalapeño. Learn More

  • Goosnargh Corn Fed Large Oven Ready Chicken Min.2kg+

    These lovely plump, juicy chickens are from our fantastic suppliers Johnson and Swarbrick up in Goosnargh, who are famous for supplying Michelin chefs with their amazing poultry. The birds are barn-reared and fed on corn that is grown on the Farm. One of these chickens will feed six easily and you'll have something left over for sandwiches the next day! Learn More

  • Goose Breast Fillet Min. 400g

    What a fabulous way to enjoy goose without having to buy the whole bird!   This goose breast will provide a delicious generous portion for one

    The skin covering keeps the lovely goose fat in place and you can score this and cook skin side down, which will produce some delicious fat for your roasties ... and, as it is high in mono-unsaturates it's healthy too! As we collect these through the year they are frozen down and will arrive with you frozen, either for transfer to the fridge to defrost or for your freezer drawer.

    Pan fry to start off with, skin side down, to produce some lovely Goose Fat for your roasties ... and finish slowly in the oven if you want it "fall apart tender".

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  • Game Roulade Min. 600g

    Our Game Roulade feeds 3 to 4 guests and is a perfect way to introduce game at the dinner table for the first time. We have layered pheasant and pigeon fillets with orange & thyme stuffing, rolled in locally smoked bacon. With no bones or waste, the roulade is great roasted in the oven and eaten either hot or cold. As a starter its hard to beat cold, finely sliced with some relish and garnish. The dark meat from the pigeon and the light meat from the pheasant make a lovely contrast on the plate. Carries cooking instructions with the packaging. Learn More

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