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Take advantage of our special offer at the moment on our speciality sausages - make up your own selection of four packs, and pay only for three - buy three, get one free!!


We have introduced even more delicious sausages varieties to give you plenty to choose from ... there has never been a better opportunity to try them!

Our Burgers have now all been produced in 6oz size, with two in each pack - perfect for a mid-week supper dish or
weekend barbecue.



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  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Brisket Piece Min.3kg - Dry Aged

    This tender, marbled beef is a firm favourites with all of our barbeque teams - and they have won prize after prize with it at Grillstock and other competitive events. It is also often used as a sous-vide product, for which it is ideal. Learn More

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  • Welsh Wagyu Beef "Grillstock Challenge"

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    If you haven't heard of Grillstock ... don't worry, let us transport you to the atmosphere and excitement of this mega-BBQ Festival and you can even get your hands on the same products that the winning teams are using!!

    1 x 1kg Welsh Wagyu Beef Brisket
    2 x 220g Welsh Wagyu Beef Rump Bistro Steaks
    4 x 170g Welsh Wagyu Burgers
    All of this comes complete with a SpiceNTice Rub, to give that brisket or those steaks a bit of an edge
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  • Welsh Wagyu Beef "BBQ Bash"

    This is an amazing treat to give your family and friends the next time you are planning to have a BBQ Bash!! All of the cuts of meat in this box are Welsh Wagyu Beef, and include :
    1 x 400g Welsh Wagyu Beef Picanha (Rump)
    1 x 400g Welsh Wagyu Beef Minute Steaks
    4 x 170g Welsh Wagyu Burgers
    All of this comes complete with a SpiceNTice Rub, which is a great accompaniment to add a dash to your bash!
    Because you're worth it ......... Learn More

  • The Best of British BBQ Choice - Min. 2.5kg

    The Best of British BBQ Choice includes a lovely selection of steaks, sausages and burgers from our British Meats Range, consisting of a minimum of 20 pieces in total and will serve a small group of people or a large family. The selection comprises of the following:

    1 x Pack of Mangalitza Black Pepper Sausages
    1 x Pack of Mangalitza Black Pudding Sausages
    2 x Mangalitza Burgers
    2 x Welsh Wagyu Burgers
    2 x Packs of Rose Veal Quick Fry Steaks
    1 x Welsh Wagyu Sample Pack
    Alternatively you can keep this great selection in your freezer and draw from it for individual suppers or weekend brunches, it is a quite a bargain! Learn More

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