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  • Create Your Own Kebabs: Kangaroo Min. 100g

    A great idea for supper. Each pack contains 100g of cubed kangaroo fillet steak, pre-prepared so that there is no trimming necessary and ready to skewer. Contains 4 pieces of fillet in each pack. Learn More

  • Kangaroo Burgers min. 340g

    Kangaroo Burgers !! Get the conversation going at your next barbecue ! What a wonderful treat for a mid-week supper, or a surprise barbecue at the weekend.... There are two 6oz (170g) juicy burgers in each pack. Learn More

  • Kangaroo Diced min. 500g

    This is an extremely high quality product with no trimming or preparation necessary to make it ready instantly for a rich casserole or curry, or to make a really unusual pie to surprise your family and friends! The meat is beautifully cut into large cubes as you can see on our photograph and when slowly braised will achieve the most amazing results. Learn More

  • Kangaroo Fillet Steak min. 170g

    These steaks weigh a healthy 170g - and we say healthy because Kangaroo has been proven to be low in cholesterol and fat content, and high in protein and iron. Really easy to cook, just take a hot pan, a little olive oil and seasoning, and pan fry until just pink in the centre ... take care not to overcook this delicacy as it really is a lean meat. May contain 1 - 2 steaks. Learn More

  • Kangaroo Fillet Stir Fry min. 200g

    Once again this is a product that is ready and available for use straight from the pack, we've done all the trimming for you. Simply flash fry in a wok or deep pan, and add vegetables of your choice. We really like to use one of the Black Bean Stir Fry sauces available on the shelf for speed, it suits Kangaroo .... then place in your wrap or serve with fragrant rice or noodles. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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