James Sherwin - Chef/Owner of Wild Shropshire

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James Sherwin - Chef/Owner of Wild Shropshire

Based in a beautiful part of the county of Shropshire, James's Wild Shropshire Restaurant is nestled in Ternhill Farm near Market Drayton. The Shropshire-focused cuisine is best explained in James's own words .....



“Wild Shropshire is an exploration of how our county tastes; French winemakers call it ‘terroir’. In reality, we’re looking at how the soil, the microclimate, the seasons and the farmers and artisans themselves affect the distinct flavour of what we produce in this beautiful county.  What started out as a small idea has now become the philosophy that completely encapsulates what, how and why I cook.  The project is completely led by what grows and what can be farmed in Shropshire; this is not just paying lip service but having it completely underpin everything I do.”

We have supplied James since 2017,  and have watched his reputation grow - he has appeared on the BBC's Countryfile and Radio 4 to discuss the ethos behind Wild Shropshire, and a little bird tells us that there are some exciting projects in the pipeline for early next year ..... We've got our eye on you James!!



On the left, we have Welsh Wagyu Bone Marrow Ice Cream, Oxalis

and on the right, our British Rose Veal Heartbreads, Wild Garlic, Koji 

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