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  • Free Range Geese From Shropshire - A Victorian Treat

    We are delighted to once again to be able to present our beautifully plump Free Range Geese bred by the Brisbourne Family in Nesscliffe, Shropshire, with whom we have worked for many years. The geese are reared free range, grazing fields adjacent to the old A5 which passes through Nesscliffe, they have become quite a local landmark. They graze and roam freely with ad lib supplements of home produced wheat (grown to Farm Assured standards), potatoes and a specially prepared corn ration, without the use of growth promoters and additives.At night the geese are brought indoors, for protection reasons, bedded down daily on fresh straw. Though sheltered at night they are still open to fresh air and natural light. All the geese grow naturally to reach full maturity.Brisbourne Geese are traditionally processed in December for freshness, and the weight range may vary but is always above 5.5kg. Each bird is individually dry plucked and waxed then hung for 7-10 days in a chilled environment to produce a deep and succulent flavour. All birds are dressed and finished by hand.Learn More

  • Goose Breast Fillet Min. 400g

    What a fabulous way to enjoy goose without having to buy the whole bird!   This goose breast will provide a delicious generous portion for one

    The skin covering keeps the lovely goose fat in place and you can score this and cook skin side down, which will produce some delicious fat for your roasties ... and, as it is high in mono-unsaturates it's healthy too! As we collect these through the year they are frozen down and will arrive with you frozen, either for transfer to the fridge to defrost or for your freezer drawer.

    Pan fry to start off with, skin side down, to produce some lovely Goose Fat for your roasties ... and finish slowly in the oven if you want it "fall apart tender".

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