36 On the Quay in the sleepy harbour of Emsworth

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Gary Pearce, Chef Patron of 36 On the Quay

Gary Pearce, Chef Patron of  36 On the Quay


                 36 On The Quay is literally on the quay, in the very picturesque fishing village of Emsworth in Hampshire.

          Your harbour view from the restaurant presents a tranquil setting, matched by the intimate atmosphere inside the restaurant. 

                          Here you will enjoy a memorable culinary experience at the hands of Gary Pearce and his Head Sous Chef Bradley Parkes.         




The restaurant can be found in a lovingly restored 17th Century building, which has been recently refurbished.   Gary actually began his career at this restaurant - and has now returned as Chef Patron, after gaining some amazing experience in Gloucestershire's Le Champignon Sauvage for four years and then travelling into Europe.  His style was forged during his time as a sous chef at Belgium’s Michelin-starred In De Wulf. It was here he learned food preservation techniques like salting, curing and fermenting.   During this time Gary was also staging at world-class restaurants like three Michelin starred Aqua in Germany by Sven Elverfeld, three Michelin-starred Oud Sluis in the Netherlands and the World's Best Restaurant, Noma in Denmark.


Gary has an amazingly inspirational Chef, Bradley Parkes, who works under him at 36 On the Quay, and Bradley has a great passion for all things foraged.   He is also a keen kitchen gardener and the results of his hard work are very apparent in the restaurant.   You can choose either a "Seven Moment" or "Ten Moment" taster menu at the restaurant ... we know which we would choose ......  




                                                   A few kind words from Gary and Bradley - "To be able to use Jeannie and Rachel's meat is a privilege ... To do justice to it is an honour" 


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