Welsh Wagyu Beef Casserole

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Casserole Meats

Casserole Meats

This section is where you will find exactly the right ingredients to make your best ever casserole!


Welsh Wagyu Beef is a tender, succulent meat that will melt in the mouth and yet retain it's wonderful flavour. We've included some recipe ideas and tips too that might inspire you to experiment further ... scroll through the options and imagine coming in on a cold winter's day to the aroma of a delicious hot casserole or curry!!

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  • Curry Night!

    This is the perfect selection for those of you who love experimenting with a Curry Night ! Two types of delicious meat complete with the spice mixes, and a free packet of Aloo Gobi mix for your potato side!!

    Just brilliant - and we can't recommend our Spice N'Tice mixes highly enough - they will help you to create authentic dishes that will have your guests wondering if you've been on a secret cookery course ! The Curry Night special selection comprises:

    1 x 500g of Diced Goat
    1 x 500g of Diced Welsh Wagyu Beef
    1 x Lamb Rogan Josh Spice N'Tice Mix
    1 x Malaysian Rendang Curry Spice N'TIce Mix

    1 x Free Gift of Aloo Gobi Mix Learn More

  • Hot Stuff !!

    As the nights draw in and our thoughts turn to warm fires and woolly socks, we thought of a great new Spice Box to add to our portfolio! The ingredients for a really great Chilli Con Carne and for that other winter warmer, a Rendang Curry! Both made with our wonderful Welsh Wagyu Beef - minced and diced all ready for the pot! What could be more simple? Guaranteed success and what's more, most of the ingredients are delivered to your door! Highly recommended for supper dishes with friends or just simple weekend meals - you'll be so thrilled with the results, and of course, you make a saving by buying the Hot Stuff Kit! Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Casserole Min. 500g - Dry Aged

    500g of one or two pieces of Wagyu Beef that can be slow cooked for beautiful fail-proof results - guaranteed to be tender and full of flavour. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Diced Steak Min. 500g - Dry Aged

    Dig out your family favourite casserole recipe and send it up-market with some ready diced Wagyu beef! The results, we guarantee, will be tender and full of flavour. Why not try our lovely Rendang Curry mix as an option? Let's warm the evening up a little ! Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Mince Min. 500g

    The most delicious lasagne or bolognaise sauce you will ever cook!! Does that convince you? Or just add a few herbs and make your own burgers for the barbecue - knock out!! We have minced this lovely Welsh Wagyu Beef on a larger plate to give you a lovely, chunky, rich product that does justice to the name Wagyu ...... Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Shin Min. 500g - Dry Aged

    With this tender, marbled beef there will never be any problems with over or undercooking your casserole - we would go so far as to say it was fool proof! Just braise as you would prime beef and be amazed! As a help for you we are including a lovely recipe especially made for slow cooked beef in this special offer, (in both Welsh and English) which is for 1kg of beef - so you can either serve a party of 6 with generous portions or cook and freeze for these cold winter nights. Learn More

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