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Best of British Essentials

Best of British Essentials

This section contains the products that you will find in our Morale Booster Boxes, sold on an individual basis - so if you only want to have our lovely Gloucester Old Spot Sausages,or you only eat chicken, you can find those products here.

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  • Belted Galloway - Dry Aged Sirloin Steak Min. 220g

    The Belted Galloway is one of the most visually distinctive breeds of cattle, and is often nicknamed the "Oreo" cow due to its similarity in colouring to the biscuit treat. its many merits lie not only in its unique appearance and good nature, but also in its hardiness and top quality beef, which is slow grown and usually nicely marbled. Originating in the harsh upland climate of the Galloway hills in beautiful south west Scotland, the Beltie is well-equipped to thrive outdoors in any climate.We present for you a dry aged sirloin steak, which has superb eating quality and is very good value for money. Learn More

  • British Beef Mince Min. 500g

    Everybody needs a bit of mince in their lives ........ " How do I love thee - let me count the ways ! " Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Cottage Pie, Meat Balls, Chilli Con Carne, Meat Loaf, Burgers, Kebabs ...... and so the list continues.We're sure you will find even more inventive ways to keep the family happy and well fed over the next few weeks, without ever getting tired of this delicious beef. Learn More

  • Corn Fed Chicken Breast Fillets Min. 400g (2)

    Nothing is quite so versatile as a chicken breast fillet! We love them don't we ... we can slice, chop, dice, wrap or simply cook them whole ....... Fried, boiled, grilled, poached, braised ...... stir fries, curries, casseroles, sandwiches .....

    We offer two breasts in a pack, which will easily serve two to four people depending on how you decide to cook them.

    These particular birds have had a lovely life at Goosnargh Farm, barn-reared and fed on their delicious home grown corn. Learn More

  • Corn Fed Chicken Thighs Min. 600g+ (4)

    When we first wanted to source our ducks from Johnson and Swarbrick (Goosnargh) we did not imagine extending our range to include their delicious corn fed chickens, which are barn-reared.

    However, having tried it ourselves, we knew we had to make it available for you to try at home - and of course, it forms a very important part of our "Best of British Morale Booster Boxes".

    Learn More

  • Corn Fed Large Oven Ready Chicken Min.1.8kg+

    These lovely plump, juicy chickens are from our fantastic suppliers Johnson and Swarbrick up in Goosnargh, who are famous for supplying Michelin chefs with their amazing poultry. The birds are barn-reared and fed on corn that is grown on the Farm. One of these chickens will feed six easily and you'll have something left over for sandwiches the next day! Learn More

  • Diced British Beef Steak Min. 500g

    Dig out your family favourite casserole recipe and send it up-market with some ready diced beef! The results, we guarantee, will be tender and full of flavour. Why not try our lovely Rendang Curry mix as an option? Let's warm the evening up a little ! Learn More

  • Gloucester Old Spot Cherry Smoked Bacon Min.200g

    This delicious and tasty traditional back or loin bacon has been lightly smoked it over cherry wood chips ...... If you enjoy smoked bacon you will love this! The loin is traditionally dry cured it for 10 days - and Gloucester Old Spot, being quite a fatty bacon, is full of flavour and wonderfully tender.Learn More

  • Gloucester Old Spot Dry Cure Bacon - Min. 200g

    This delicious and tasty traditional back or loin bacon tastes just how your parents and grandparents might recall bacon tasting! The loin is traditionally dry cured for 10 days - and Gloucester Old Spot, being quite a fatty bacon, is full of flavour and wonderfully tender.Learn More

  • Native Breed Beef Cheeks Min. 300g+

    As offal has once again become a popular dish to experiment with and serve to dinner guests, with the help of Celebrity Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, we have been asked on numerous occasions to make beef cheeks available, and here they are! Learn More

  • Outdoor Reared Gloucester Old Spot Pork Sausages - Min. 380g (6)

    An extra special breakfast sausage that can also be enjoyed in a casserole, toad in the hole or simply in that old classic, with mashed potatoes and onion gravy or baked beans. Learn More

  • Outdoor Reared Pork Belly Min.1kg

    We couldn't wait to present you this iconic and increasingly popular cut - and we have some great tips for achieving that amazing crunchy crispy crackling that everyone loves!

    1. Try placing the belly, skin side up, in the sink and pour boiling water over it (a kettle full). Then let it drain well and pat it completely dry before adding the rub.

    2. Use a good oil to rub all over the skin, (which has already been scored for you) and then rub a nice sea salt well in, getting down into all the cracks. You can add fennel seeds too if you like fennel.

    3. Get your oven nice and hot at about 220 Degrees C ...... and place the belly in a deep baking tin on top of roughly chopped vegetables such as fresh fennel, leeks and carrots. You need to place the belly in the oven at this temperature for about 15 - 20 minutes or until you see that crackling beginning to rise and bubble, going beautifully crisp.

    4. Once that process has taken place you can turn the oven down to about 160 Degrees C and leave the belly in for at least another two hours. You can test to see if it is ready after that time by pulling it with a fork to see if it comes away easily.

    The end result is sure to be fantastic and we just know you'll be a Food Hero in your own right after producing this dish for your friends and family! Learn More

  • Outdoor Reared Pork Belly Strips (2) Min. 500g+

    Pork Belly strips or slices are a little bit like spare ribs without the bone - easy and simple to both cook and eat! You will need to roast them off in the oven for about half an hour on 200 degrees C, and then pour most of the fat away before coating in your favourite barbeque sauce and cooking for another 25 minutes. Learn More

  • Outdoor Reared Pork Loin Chops Min.350g

    These pork loin chops are stunning - they are full of flavour, the fat is creamy and pure and they are nicely scored as you can see so that you can maximise that gorgeous crispy crackling when you grill them. Highly recommended. Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Steakhouse Burgers min. 280g

    The reason you can find this pack of 2 5oz traditional recipe Welsh Wagyu Steakhouse Burgers on our website is very simple ....As you would expect, it is most definitely an "Alternative" to anything you can find in the high street - or the supermarket. 88% carefully minced Welsh Wagyu Beef, with the remaining 12% being made up of hand-crafted seasonings developed over months of trials with our Food Development Team. These are smaller than our Gluten Free Welsh Wagyu Burgers and unlike those, they do contain Gluten, but we promise you will not be disappointed with this delicious burger, which we are sure will very quickly become a firm family favourite.

    Allergens :   Gluten, , Preservative E223 

    Learn More

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