Barbecue Ideas

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Barbecue Ideas

Barbecue Ideas

BBQ ideas at your finger tips! Get the grill on !! We've got Barbeque Recipes, Brilliant Burgers and Sizzling Sausages to get your juices flowing this Summer ..... Here is a really amazing selection of our Barbecue food ideas for you which will happily fit into any catering situation that pops up this summer ...... whether you are feeding a small gathering of friends and family, or having a street party, we can offer you the solution with one easy click! And it doesn't matter to us whether you spell it Barbecue, Barbeque or BBQ, this is where you'll find the most exciting, innovative and best Barbecue Ideas galore! Plus, of course, you will make a saving by buying one of our specially selected boxes.

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  • Chips and Wedges Spice Sachet

    We know this is not a meaty offering ...... but we've made an exception because it's part of the wonderful array of goodies available from SpiceN'Tice and it makes a simple, easy vegetable accmpaniment to go with some many of our products. Everything you need, as usual, in the pack, except for a little oil and the potatoes!

    Ingredients: Garlic, Onion, Smoked Paprika, Oregano, Black Pepper, Salt.

    The usual promises apply :Gluten-free 100% Pure Herbs & Spices Blended in the U.K. Paleo Friendly Slimmng Club Friendly Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans Learn More

  • Beer Can Chicken - Or Guiness Fowl?! Or ever-so-pleasant Pheasant?!

    It did occur to us to suggest that you could use Guiness and Guinea Fowl for this recipe - just too much of a temptation! On the other hand, what an amazingly simple way of keeping a pheasant lovely and moist! However, the recipe is based on an ordinary everyday chicken and the result is so delicious that we thought it was too good to leave out of our SpiceNTice range. The instructions are all on the inside of the spice sleeve, and really are very easy and straight forward to follow - everything from the other ingredients you will need (which only number four!) as well as your bird of choice. Give it a whirl - it's a fun way to cook and the results are amazing! Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Brisket Piece Min.1kg - Dry Aged

    This tender, marbled beef is a firm favourites with all of our barbeque teams - and they have won prize after prize with it at Grillstock and other competitive events. It is also often used as a sous-vide product, for which it is ideal. Learn More

  • The BBQ Burger Box

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    The BBQ Burger Box is a great way to try our whole range of fabulous meaty burgers so that you can work out which is your favourite! In total there are fourteen 6oz (170g) burgers, labelled and separately packed in two's. Contains a mix of the following:

    Classic Beef
    Wild Boar
    and Wagyu Beef
    Learn More

  • Steak Night!!

    We have shamelessly copied a concept from one of our most favourite customers - The Mytton and Mermaid in Shrewsbury, Shropshire (pictured here) ...... It is here that Executive Chef Chris Burt, passionate and ever-enthusiastic about all things meaty, puts on Steak Night every Friday night. Well worth a trip, we promise!
    However, if you can't get there - why not try our Rose Veal Steak Night selection box. It contains a wonderful cross-section of our most popular Rose Veal Steaks.
    2 x Rose Veal Sirloin Steaks,
    2 x Rose Veal Rib Eye Steaks
    2 x Rose Veal Rump Steaks.
    Perfect for pan frying, grilling or the Barbeque - bearing in mind the current climate.

    Learn More

  • The Exotic BBQ Mini-Box

    The Exotic BBQ Mini-Box comes in two sizes, and this one is for a more intimate, smaller barbecue of 2 - 4 people, containing a total of 10 pieces, as follows:
    2 x Crocodile Fillet Steaks
    2 x Kangaroo Fillet Steaks
    1 Pack of Mangalitza Sausages
    1 Pack of 2 Ostrich Burgers Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef "BBQ Bash"

    This is an amazing treat to give your family and friends the next time you are planning to have a BBQ Bash!! All of the cuts of meat in this box are Welsh Wagyu Beef, and include :
    1 x 400g Welsh Wagyu Beef Picanha (Rump)
    1 x 400g Welsh Wagyu Beef Minute Steaks
    4 x 170g Welsh Wagyu Burgers
    All of this comes complete with a SpiceNTice Rub, which is a great accompaniment to add a dash to your bash!
    Because you're worth it ......... Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef "Grillstock Challenge"

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    If you haven't heard of Grillstock ... don't worry, let us transport you to the atmosphere and excitement of this mega-BBQ Festival and you can even get your hands on the same products that the winning teams are using!!

    1 x 1kg Welsh Wagyu Beef Brisket
    2 x 220g Welsh Wagyu Beef Rump Bistro Steaks
    4 x 170g Welsh Wagyu Burgers
    All of this comes complete with a SpiceNTice Rub, to give that brisket or those steaks a bit of an edge
    Learn More

  • The Exotic BBQ Maxi-Box

    The Exotic BBQ Box comes in two sizes, and this is the larger of the two. The Maxi-Box will feed 8 -10 people, and contains a total of 22 pieces, as follows:
    4 x Crocodile Fillet Steaks
    4 x Kangaroo Fillet Steaks
    2 Packs of Mangalitza Sausages
    1 Pack of 2 Kangaroo Burgers
    1 Pack of 2 Ostrich Burgers
    1 Pack of 2 Wild Boar Burgers
    Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Dry Aged Rump Bistro Steak Box

    A fantastic idea - a box of 8 x 8oz (220g) Welsh Wagyu Rump Bistro Steaks that are freshly cut to order, perfect for freezing. Such a useful box of steaks to have in, never again be caught out by a surprise visitor or a hungry teenager! Great value box. Learn More

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