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Alternative Meats first spearheaded the introduction of Welsh Wagyu Beef in the UK about 10 years ago ... with the help of artisan Farmer, Ifor Humphreys. Since that time we have watched as Wagyu Beef has become increasingly popular and more Farmers have decided to produce these amazing beef animals.

There is no doubting that Ifor has achieved something very special with his herd of Welsh Wagyu, and this year has seen the introduction of some new blood onto the farm in the shape of both man and beast !!

Ifor's nephew, Michael, has taken his place on the family Farm and is also introducing some new ideas and projects which include increasing the head of herd they have in Montgomeryshire and also breeding F1 Wagyu from his neighbours Dairy Herd with their pedigree full blood Wagyu Bull, which we hope will have far reaching effects on the quality of the Wagyu Beef that we supply.



Whilst Michael works on these projects, our supply from Ifor may be slightly reduced over the coming months, so in the meantime we have looked further afield to find the best possible quality that we can, and we will shortly be introducing Japanese Wagyu to our portfolio.    There are huge differences in cost but also this is a very different product and it is so interesting to be able to make comparisons of Wagyu through the world, and we hope that you will enjoy a similar journey.

In the words of our Welsh Wagyu Ambassador - 

“Wales has some of the most amazing products that we love to showcase at Ynyshir.  On the occasions that we have to think outside the box in our search for perfection, we will only consider the very best the world has to offer – and that is Japanese Wagyu.  We’ve found an excellent supplier and will continue to work in collaboration with both sources of this amazing beef to produce wonderful taste experiences for our customers"

If Gareth can take this leap, we are confident that extending our range will only benefit both our Chefs and you, our website customers.

In addition, after much research, we have  decided to also offer you Australian Wagyu from Jack's Creek.   This family owned and operated Australian business is run by the Warmoll family, who emigrated from Ireland in 1852. Today, led by Phillip Warmoll’s son Patrick, Jack’s Creek is at the forefront of Australian premium beef production, proudly holding the current title of ‘World’s Best Steak Producer’ for two consecutive years, as well as ‘World’s Best Fillet Steak’ 2017.    So much to choose from!  

Welcome to the World of Wagyu !!!

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