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Hogget (From Yorkshire)

Hogget (From Yorkshire)

Our British Hogget is sourced from the hills of Yorkshire, where the animals are raised sustainably and allowed to roam freely and forage naturally, without the over-use of antibiotics. During the winter months, their feed is supplemented with root crops to provide the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy flock.The official definition of a Hogget is that it is a lamb between the ages of 1 and 2 ...... any older than this and we would term it as Mutton.

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  • Dice N'Spice Box

    A combo-box idea from Diane ... She has combined some of her favourite casserole cuts with her top choice spice packs from Spice N'Tice and hey presto! You have the inspiration for wonderfully different casseroles, curries or pie fillings! The best of this offer is that you get an accompanying Aloo Gobi completely free of charge!
    1 x 500g Diced Hogget
    1 x 500g Diced Goat
    1 x 500g Diced Wagyu Beef
    1 x 500g Minced Wagyu Beef
    Spice N'Tice Mixes :
    Lamb Tagine
    Lamb Rogan Josh
    Malaysian Rendang Curry
    Chilli con Carne
    1 Free Bombay Potatoes
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  • Hogget Shoulder on the Bone Min. 2kg

    Try pot-roasting with root veggies around it .... or a slow roast speared with rosemary and garlic cloves ...the flavour is subtle, and the aroma of the hogget joint cooking fills you with nostalgia! Learn More

  • Hogget - French Trimmed Rack Min. 900g+

    Such a special dish !! You can produce the most amazing centrepieces using this cut of hogget or lamb ... Often known as either a Guard of Honour or a Crown Roast. The latter is comprised of two or three racks joined together in circle, whereas the Guard of Honour is created by leaning two racks together and interleaving the cleaned, white rib bones to represent soldiers swords forming an arch.They take a very short time to cook, being made from what is known as the "best end" or loin of the hogget or lamb, and are very tender. Learn More

  • Hogget Leg Fillet Roasting Joint Bone-In Min. 1kg

    There is definitely a bonus in terms of taste when a joint is roasted on the bone, and we can definitely recommend the flavour that hogget produces when cooked this way. Great for Moroccan style cookery too. Learn More

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  • Hogget Leg on the Bone Min. 1.8kg

    A perfect slow roast ...this is one of the classic ways to cook hogget, the gentle poaching enables the meat to reach optimum tenderness. This used to be Britain's no. 1 meat - and some say still should be!! Learn More

  • Hogget Barnsley Chops Min. 500g

    There are two deliciously tender Hogget Barnsley Chops in each pack - this lovely cut bears a Northern name (the clue is in the name, Barnsley which is in Yorkshire is in the North of England). Though a Barnsley chop is also known as a saddle chop, the name has stuck from its northern roots and become the definitive name for what is essentially a double loin lamb chop.Sometimes referred to as a saddle chop, as it is cut across the saddle, a Barnsley chop is taken from right across the loin, hence producing a double-sided chop. Some say it requires a longer cooking time than an ordinary lamb chop, but, like the latter, the overall cooking time is short, and the chop must also be rested once cooked to soften the meat.Delicious with mint gravy or Cumberland Sauce. Learn More

  • Hogget Diced Min. 500g

    Perfect for a hearty mid-week supper ....delicious in a hot-pot or casserole. We've included diced hogget in our Valentine's section because it makes the most wonderful curry, and sometimes you can really make a lasting impression with a good curry!!! Learn More

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