Outdoor Reared Pork - from the Barrie Brothers

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Outdoor Reared Pork from The Barrie Brothers

Outdoor Reared Pork from The Barrie Brothers

A very exciting project was presented to us recently by a huge character fresh from your TV screens - Chef Ellis Barrie, who you will have seen starring on Great British Menu for the second year running. Ellis and his brothers, Liam and Conor, have created The Fat Pig Company - along with the other projects that run concurrently, namely their incredible Restaurant in Anglesey, Marram Grass and their new Kickstarter project The Cookery School.The energy, passion and enthusiasm that these lovely boys generate is completely infectious and within twenty minutes of showing Ellis around The Butchery here in Shropshire, we found ourselves agreeing to taking in their Tamworth Pigs and adding them to our website ......... WHAT?!!!!!! Yes, we did. And here you will find the results - our first batch of three was aged for two weeks prior to being butchered and frozen down, and we were delighted to launch this wonderful product for you to try just before Christmas! Perfect timing, really, and this wonderful pork went down a storm. Ellis will be introducing a few different breeds of pigs to his lovely orchards so look out for Welsh Whites, Berkshires and much more!

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  • Outdoor Reared Pork Loin Chops - Min.450g

    Can you share nicely? Or would you want to have this beauty all to yourself ?!! These pork loin chops are stunning - they are full of flavour, the fat is creamy and pure and they are nicely scored as you can see so that you can maximise that gorgeous crispy crackling when you grill them. They are though - be warned - huge!! This pig has enjoyed a wonderful life by the sea in Anglesey with our lovely Barrie Brothers and the results of their careful nurturing are plain to see in this fabulous product. Highly recommended. Learn More

  • Outdoor Reared Pork Belly - Min.1kg

    We couldn't wait to present you this iconic and increasingly popular cut - and we have some great tips for achieving that amazing crunchy crispy crackling that everyone loves!

    1. Try placing the belly, skin side up, in the sink and pour boiling water over it (a kettle full). Then let it drain well and pat it completely dry before adding the rub.

    2. Use a good oil to rub all over the skin, (which has already been scored for you) and then rub a nice sea salt well in, getting down into all the cracks. You can add fennel seeds too if you like fennel.

    3. Get your oven nice and hot at about 220 Degrees C ...... and place the belly in a deep baking tin on top of roughly chopped vegetables such as fresh fennel, leeks and carrots. You need to place the belly in the oven at this temperature for about 15 - 20 minutes or until you see that crackling beginning to rise and bubble, going beautifully crisp.

    4. Once that process has taken place you can turn the oven down to about 160 Degrees C and leave the belly in for at least another two hours. You can test to see if it is ready after that time by pulling it with a fork to see if it comes away easily.

    The end result is sure to be fantastic and we just know you'll be a Food Hero in your own right after producing this dish for your friends and family! Learn More

  • Tamworth Pork Shoulder Joint - Min. 1.5kg

    You can hear that crispy crackling snapping now, can't you? Smell the aromas in your kitchen as that gorgeous pork shoulder joint roasts in your oven, surrounded by roast potatoes and parsnips. Apple sauce, gravy .... get those veggies on the go and hey presto! One of the tastiest roast dinners that you'll ever enjoy, taking you right back to your childhood and Mum's Sunday Roasts. We promise. Ellis, Liam and Conor are working very hard in Anglesey to rear these lovely piggies for your enjoyment - don't miss out on giving this pedigree Tamworth a try! Learn More

  • Tamworth Pork Shoulder Joint - Min. 2kg

    When you are trying to think of an idea for something special look no further than this wonderful Tamworth Outdoor Reared By The Sea On Anglesey And Fed On Apples From The Orchard, Pork, Roasting Joint. Phew !!! Well, we might as well describe it how it is !
    Ellis, Liam and Conor worked hand in hand, spending hundreds of hours speaking to people, watching videos and trying to get their set up right, reading and testing to get the pork as they want it. They were blown away to find how much pork was imported into Wales, and even more so to find how much pork is reared completely indoors - they just simply enjoyed getting stuck in with them in the mud outside! They have now honed into the fact that they want their pork to have plenty of fat to aid the cooking process and for the added flavour. It also means that they are keeping their pigs longer than is usually practiced commercially, which makes everyone happy - especially the piggies! Learn More

  • Tamworth Pork Dry Cured Gammon Joint - Min. 1.8kg

    Ideal to serve cold as part of a Celebration Feast. Our wonderful Tamworth-Outdoor-Reared-By-The-Sea-On-Anglesey-And-Fed-On-Apples-From-The-Orchard, Gammons are very, very special. Phew !!! Well, we might as well describe it how it is because we've dry cured the gammon joints and are thoroughly delighted with the results.

    Place your joint in a large plan of water and bring to the boil, discarding the water and refreshing the pan after that. We would recommend boiling the gammon for approximately 30 minutes / lb (or 1hr/kg) and then cool the joint for about 15 minutes. You can then score the fat into diamond shapes and it does look very attractive to stud with cloves in the centre of each square or diamond. A particularly tasty glaze can be made by simply combining a whole grain mustard with honey or maple syrup, spread over the ham and place it in a foil lined baking tin. It will usually take about twenty five minutes at 200C for the glaze to turn a beautiful golden brown and to fill the kitchen with the glorious aroma of baked ham! Learn More

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