New, different and delicious meat selections that are great for a special occasion or to put in the freezer, also make brilliant gift ideas!

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Ready-to-buy selections of our products which we think you will enjoy - to use for that special occasion or weekend, or just to keep on hand in your freezer. They also make excellent gifts of course.

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  • Hot Stuff !!

    As the nights draw in and our thoughts turn to warm fires and woolly socks, we thought of a great new Spice Box to add to our portfolio! The ingredients for a really great Chilli Con Carne and for that other winter warmer, a Rendang Curry! Both made with our wonderful Native Breed Beef - minced and diced (500g of each) all ready for the pot! What could be more simple? Guaranteed success and what's more, most of the ingredients are delivered to your door! Highly recommended for supper dishes with friends or just simple weekend meals - you'll be so thrilled with the results, and of course, you make a saving by buying the Hot Stuff kit! Learn More

  • Mangalitza Breakfast For Two

    Probably The Best Cooked Breakfast in The World .....Yes, it's a pretty bold claim, but we honestly believe we may have put together the most wonderful Breakfast For Two - containing a pack of Mangalitza Bacon, a pack of of Mangalitza Sausages, and one 300g pack of the amazing Mangalitza Black Pudding. All you have to do is add the trimmings - the eggs, the baked beans and the tomatoes !!! Oh, and be with the right person in the morning !!
    1 Pack Mangalitza Bacon
    1 Pack Mangalitza Sausages
    1 Pack Mangalitza Black Pudding Learn More

  • Curry Night!

    This is the perfect selection for those of you who love experimenting with a Curry Night ! Two types of delicious meat complete with the spice mixes, and a free packet of Bombay Potatoes mix for your potato side!!

    Just brilliant - and we can't recommend our Spice N'Tice mixes highly enough - they will help you to create authentic dishes that will have your guests wondering if you've been on a secret cookery course ! The Curry Night special selection comprises:

    1 x 500g of Diced Goat
    1 x 500g of Diced Welsh Wagyu Beef
    1 x Lamb Rogan Josh Spice N'Tice Mix
    1 x Malaysian Rendang Curry Spice N'TIce Mix

    1 x Free Gift of Bombay Potatoes Learn More

  • Mangalitza Breakfast Banquet

    Probably The Best Cooked Breakfast in the World ......Yes, it's a pretty bold claim, but we honestly believe we may have put together the most wonderful Breakfast Banquet - containing two packs of Mangalitza Bacon, both the Dry Cured and Cherry Smoked, two packs of Mangalitza Sausages, Black Pudding and Black Pepper, and one 300g pack of the amazing Mangalitza Black Pudding. All you have to do is add the trimmings - the eggs, the baked beans and the tomatoes !!!This would also make a wonderful little hamper-style gift for that someone you know "who has everything" (and enjoys their food!).
    1 Pack Mangalitza Dry Bacon
    1 Pack Mangalitza Cherry Smoked Bacon
    1 Pack Mangalitza Black Pudding Sausage
    1 Pack Mangalitza Black Pepper Sausage
    1 Pack Mangalitza Black Pudding Learn More

  • Sizzle 'n Spice Box - Serves 4

    This great new selection box is designed for using this summer, either on your indoor grill or the BBQ - so it is weather proof ! It has been carefully put together to provide a really great choice of food for upto four, and comes complete with two of our lovely SpiceNTice kits to make life really simple and carefree.

    Your Box Contains:

    Outdoor Reared Pork - Meaty Spare Ribs 1kg

    Char Siu Spare Rib Kit

    Corn Fed Chicken Thighs - Pack of 4

    Tikka Sizzler Spice Kit

    Mangalitza Burgers x 4

    Mangalitza Sausages x 1 Pack

    Learn More

  • Dinner For Two

    There are many ways to celebrate... and we have a really special Hamper for you if you have chosen to celebrate in style, with your significant other or a good friend.  If you know a lovely couple that you think deserve a fantastic treat - look no further, this is a perfect gift idea.  We have selected some of our most popular products to be included in our Dinner For Two Hamper, that will create some really wonderful meals and memorable moments over the holiday.
    The Dinner For Two selection comprises:
    2 x Smoked Duck Breasts
    1 x 500g Welsh Wagyu Beef Roasting Joint
    1 Pack of Mangalitza Sausages
    2 x Rose Veal Fillet Steaks Learn More

  • Steak Night!!

    We have shamelessly copied a concept from one of our most favourite customers - The Mytton and Mermaid in Shrewsbury, Shropshire (pictured here) ...... It is here that Executive Chef Chris Burt, passionate and ever-enthusiastic about all things meaty, puts on Steak Night every Friday night. Well worth a trip, we promise!
    However, if you can't get there - why not try our Rose Veal Steak Night selection box. It contains a wonderful cross-section of our most popular Rose Veal Steaks.
    2 x Rose Veal Fillet Steaks,
    2 x Rose Veal Rib Eye Steaks
    2 x Rose Veal Rump Steaks.
    Perfect for pan frying, grilling or the Barbeque - bearing in mind the current climate.

    Learn More

  • Gamekeeper's Choice

    This selection box is just the ticket for those dark winter nights on the run up to Christmas, when it's good to settle down to a lovely rich casserole or a roast with lovely depth of flavour. The Gamekeepers Choice, which again represents great value and contains:
    Oven Ready Pheasant x 2
    Oven Ready Partridge x 2
    Oven Ready Pigeon x 2
    Oven Ready Quail x 2
    Pigeon Fillets x 4Learn More

  • Dice N'Spice Box

    A combo-box idea from Diane ... She has combined some of her favourite casserole cuts with her top choice spice packs from Spice N'Tice and hey presto! You have the inspiration for wonderfully different casseroles, curries or pie fillings! The best of this offer is that you get an accompanying Bombay Potatoes completely free of charge!
    1 x 500g Diced Hogget
    1 x 500g Diced Goat
    1 x 500g Diced Wagyu Beef
    1 x Pack Chicken Thighs
    Spice N'Tice Mixes :
    Lamb Tagine
    Lamb Rogan Josh
    Malaysian Rendang Curry
    Coriander Chicken
    1 Free Bombay Potatoes
    Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Weekend Taster Box

    This is a fantastic opportunity to sample a range of products at a great price - the products have been especially chosen to easily fit into your weekend menu plan. The box contains:

    1 x 1kg Welsh Wagyu Beef Topside Roasting Joint
    1 x 500g Welsh Wagyu Beef Mince
    1 x 500g Welsh Wagyu Beef Shin
    2 x 2 Welsh Wagyu Beef Steakhouse Burgers

    Our delicious burgers and shin make a simple weekday supper dish something really special. Create an amazing Chilli....... and of course, Sunday Lunch is well catered for with a lovely roast.

    Learn More

  • Rose Veal Choice Box

    Rose Veal is a fabulous, tender and tasty meat. Great with traditional recipes but versatile too for the creative chef. This box contains everything you need to create and enjoy plenty of delicious meals. Contains:
    2 x 170g Fillet Steaks
    1 x 500g Casserole Steak
    1 x 400g Cheeks
    1 x 500g Mince
    1 x 1kg Rib Eye Joint
    Learn More

  • That Special Occasion

    This is a selection box full of delicious steaks that are ideal for special occasions. It would make an amazing unusual gift for someone special, or will absolutely ensure that you have a great choice in your freezer for those special moments or over the holidays. The box contains:

    Welsh Wayu Rump Steaks x 2 

    Rose Veal Fillet Steaks x 2

    Mangalitza Prime Rib Steaks x 2 

    Ven Loin Steaks x 2 

    There is a 5% saving to be made on the total cost of this box.


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