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  • Crocodile Fillet - Diced Min. 500g

    This is fillet quality tail cuts of crocodile which are diced and can be used as kebab meat, or in curries and casseroles, or individually pan fried as a starter. Learn More

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  • Crocodile Fillet Goujons Min. 200g

    Thinly sliced crocodile fillet strips that are ideal for stir fries and stroganoffs, or crisply frying and adding to wraps and fajitas. When fried we find that the flavour of crocodile is vaguely reminiscent of pork, strangely! Learn More

  • Crocodile Fillet Steaks Min. 170g

    These 170g Crocodile steaks are carefully prepared to ensure they are boneless fillets. The meat is transluscent and cooks milky white, being quite like monkfish in this regard and also in its firm texture. The taste of Crocodile is very similar to pork, rather than a "cross between chicken and fish" which we often hear .... and we had this confirmed by non other than Ainsley Harriott on BBC's Ready Steady Cook when we appeared on the show!! May contain 1 - 2 steaks. Learn More

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