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Game Roulades

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  • Game Roulade Min. 600g

    Our Game Roulade feeds 3 to 4 guests and is a perfect way to introduce game at the dinner table for the first time. We have layered pheasant and pigeon fillets with orange & thyme stuffing, rolled in locally smoked bacon. With no bones or waste, the roulade is great roasted in the oven and eaten either hot or cold. As a starter its hard to beat cold, finely sliced with some relish and garnish. The dark meat from the pigeon and the light meat from the pheasant make a lovely contrast on the plate. Carries cooking instructions with the packaging. Learn More

  • Gamekeeper's Choice

    This selection box is just the ticket for those dark winter nights when it's good to settle down to a lovely rich casserole or a roast with lovely depth of flavour. The Gamekeepers Choice, which again represents great value with 10% off the usual price, contains:

    Oven Ready Pheasant x 2

    Oven Ready Partridge x 2

    Oven Ready Mallard x 2

    Venison Roasting Joint x 1kg

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