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Wild Rabbit

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  • Game Pie Mix Min. 500g

    A delicious mix of currently available game, usually venison, rabbit, pigeon,partridge and pheasant. This does make the most wonderful casserole or pie !! Learn More

  • Rabbit Casserole (Diced and Boneless) Min. 500g

    Perfect for casseroles, stews and terrines, this is a ready prepared product that you can simply use straight from the bag. Learn More

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  • Wild British Rabbit (Not Farmed) Min. 700g

    We have noticed a revival of interest in this mild, but delicious meat in recent months and have struggled for a consistent supply. However, this matter is now resolved and we are delighted to be able to present whole rabbit for the table. There are many recipes available in both new and old style cookery books, and it is really great to see this rustic dish reappearing. Learn More

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