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Well - Venison and Rabbit might be "Just Game" .... but we bet you weren't expecting to find Kangaroo and Crocodile here too! Not forgetting our wonderful Game Roulades,

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  • Crocodile Fillet Goujons Min. 200g

    Thinly sliced crocodile fillet strips that are ideal for stir fries and stroganoffs, or crisply frying and adding to wraps and fajitas. When fried we find that the flavour of crocodile is vaguely reminiscent of pork, strangely! Learn More

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  • Crocodile Fillet Steaks Min. 170g

    These 170g Crocodile steaks are carefully prepared to ensure they are boneless fillets. The meat is transluscent and cooks milky white, being quite like monkfish in this regard and also in its firm texture. The taste of Crocodile is very similar to pork, rather than a "cross between chicken and fish" which we often hear .... and we had this confirmed by non other than Ainsley Harriott on BBC's Ready Steady Cook when we appeared on the show!! May contain 1 - 2 steaks. Learn More

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  • Game Pie Mix Min. 500g

    A delicious mix of currently available game, usually venison, rabbit, pigeon,partridge and pheasant. This does make the most wonderful casserole or pie !! Learn More

  • Game Roulade Min. 600g

    Our Game Roulade feeds 3 to 4 guests and is a perfect way to introduce game at the dinner table for the first time. We have layered pheasant and pigeon fillets with orange & thyme stuffing, rolled in locally smoked bacon. With no bones or waste, the roulade is great roasted in the oven and eaten either hot or cold. As a starter its hard to beat cold, finely sliced with some relish and garnish. The dark meat from the pigeon and the light meat from the pheasant make a lovely contrast on the plate. Carries cooking instructions with the packaging. ***AVAILABLE FROM OCTOBER 2019*** Learn More

  • Gamekeeper's Choice

    This selection box is just the ticket for those dark winter nights when it's good to settle down to a lovely rich casserole or a roast with lovely depth of flavour. The Gamekeepers Choice, which again represents great value and contains:
    Oven Ready Pheasant x 2
    Oven Ready Partridge x 2
    Oven Ready Pigeon x 2
    Oven Ready Quail x 2
    Pigeon Fillets x 4 Learn More

  • Kangaroo Burgers min. 340g

    Kangaroo Burgers !! Get the conversation going at your next barbecue ! What a wonderful treat for a mid-week supper, or a surprise barbecue at the weekend.... There are two 6oz (170g) juicy burgers in each pack. Learn More

  • Kangaroo Diced min. 500g

    This is an extremely high quality product with no trimming or preparation necessary to make it ready instantly for a rich casserole or curry, or to make a really unusual pie to surprise your family and friends! The meat is beautifully cut into large cubes as you can see on our photograph and when slowly braised will achieve the most amazing results. Learn More

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  • Kangaroo Fillet Goujons min. 200g

    Once again this is a product that is ready and available for use straight from the pack, we've done all the trimming for you. Simply flash fry in a wok or deep pan, and add vegetables of your choice. We really like to use one of the Black Bean Stir Fry sauces available on the shelf for speed, it suits Kangaroo .... then place in your wrap or serve with fragrant rice or noodles. Learn More

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  • Kangaroo Fillet Steak min. 180g

    These steaks weigh a healthy 180g - and we say healthy because Kangaroo has been proven to be low in cholesterol and fat content, and high in protein and iron. This steak is really easy to cook, just take a hot pan, a little olive oil and seasoning, and pan fry until just pink in the centre ... take care not to overcook this delicacy as it really is a lean meat. May contain 1 - 2 steaks. Learn More

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  • Rabbit Casserole (Diced and Boneless) Min. 500g

    Perfect for casseroles, stews and terrines, this is a ready prepared product that you can simply use straight from the bag. Learn More

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  • Venison Boneless Loin Fillet Min. 1kg

    A whole piece of tender, succulent venison loin fillet. Ideal for steaking at home, or cooking and serving whole. Learn More

  • Venison Boneless Loin Fillet Min. 500g

    A whole piece of tender, succulent venison loin fillet. Ideal for steaking at home, or cooking and serving whole. Learn More

  • Venison Burgers min. 340g

    Venison Burgers are a great way to try venison if you have not tried it before, as the richness of the meat really lends itself to our burger recipe - producing a quick easy meal, but what a lovely way to ring the changes! We have packed two 6oz (170g) burgers in each pack, and would serve one as a single portion - unless you're really hungry! Learn More

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  • Venison Haunch Roasting Joint Min. 1kg

    This joint will serve four very comfortably. Learn More

  • Venison Haunch Roasting Joint Min. 2kg

    This joint will provide six - eight large servings. If you want to practice before your dinner party, why not buy the Venison Double Roaster Box and save £2.00. Learn More

  • Venison Haunch Roasting Joint Min. 3kg

    This size joint is perfect for entertaining as it will easily serve over a dozen hungry guests. Simply a classic winter roasting joint that is something completely different from the usual beef, pork or lamb - this dish makes a wonderful Sunday roast for family or friends to enjoy, and is very traditional winter fayre. It was once considered a hanging offence to poach deer that belonged to the Monarch - we promise ours in obtained quite legally from the Scottish Highlands! Learn More

  • Venison Haunch Roasting Joint Min. 500g

    This joint will serve two very comfortably. We've added this to the range due to popular demand. Learn More

  • Venison Haunch Steak Min. 170g

    Ideal with a red wine jus or gravy, cook until medium rare as venison is not a highly marbled meat. Learn More

  • Venison Loin Steak Min. 170g

    Tender, succulent and a really special dish either for entertaining or just simply spoiling yourselves - a wealth of recipes are available too! Learn More

  • Venison Mince

    As venison is a lean meat, the mince is quite dark and lacking in fat content, and makes wonderfully rich burgers, patties, meat loaves and sauces. Our Venison comes mostly from the Shropshire Marches and is Fallow Deer, from estates such as Powys Castle. Learn More

  • Wild Boar Burgers min. 340g

    Wild Boar Burgers say that you've gone just that bit further than the local supermarket for your grill or barbecue ........ We use Australian Wild Boar and have added just a hint of fruit into the recipe to complement this lovely savoury meat. The burgers are packed in two's and weigh 6oz (170g). Learn More

  • Wild British Rabbit (Not Farmed) Min. 700g

    We have noticed a revival of interest in this mild, but delicious meat in recent months and have struggled for a consistent supply. However, this matter is now resolved and we are delighted to be able to present whole rabbit for the table. There are many recipes available in both new and old style cookery books, and it is really great to see this rustic dish reappearing. Learn More

  • Zebra Fillet Steak Min. 170g

    These are Burchell's Zebra, bred on the plains as opposed to the Cape Mountain Zebra. They prefer short grass areas, forming huge herds during seasonal migration. Learn More

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