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  • Dice N'Spice Box

    A combo-box idea from Diane ... She has combined some of her favourite casserole cuts with her top choice spice packs from Spice N'Tice and hey presto! You have the inspiration for wonderfully different casseroles, curries or pie fillings! The best of this offer is that you get an accompanying Bombay Potatoes mix completely free of charge!
    1 x 500g Diced Mutton
    1 x 500g Diced Goat
    1 x 500g Diced Rose Veal
    Spice N'Tice Mixes :
    Lamb Tagine
    Lamb Rogan Josh
    Malaysian Rendang Curry
    Bombay Potatoes
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  • Mutton Chump Steaks 2 x 175g

    These mutton chump steaks are beautifully tender and ready to cook. They can be pan fried, grilled or cooked in the oven. Extremely versatile and tasty. Learn More

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  • Mutton Diced Min. 500g

    Perfect for a hearty mid-week supper ....delicious in a hot-pot or casserole. Learn More

  • Mutton Leg Fillet Roasting Joint Bone-In Min. 1kg

    There is definitely a bonus in terms of taste when a joint is roasted on the bone, and we can definitely recommend the flavour that mutton produces when cooked this way. Great forMoroccan style cooker too. Learn More

  • Mutton Leg on the Bone Min. 2.9kg

    A perfect slow roast ...this is one of the classic ways to cook mutton, the gentle poaching enables the meat to reach optimum tenderness. This used to be Britain's no. 1 meat - and some say still should be!! Learn More

  • Mutton Shoulder on the Bone Min. 3.3kg

    Try pot-roasting with root veggies around it .... or a slow roast speared with rosemary and garlic cloves ...the flavour is subtle, and the aroma of the mutton joint cooking fills you with nostalgia! Learn More

6 Item(s)

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